See 4 Times Kate Middleton Dressed Just Like Her Mother-In-law Princess Diana To Honour Her

Princess Diana Kate Middleton 3

One day surprise your mother-In-law by dressing like her to honour her too. It won't kill you oh. She'll be flattered and you two will
grow closer. When she is dressed for church on a Sunday morning or going for an event, you compliment her outfit and ask where you can get something similar. She'll be shocked you all of a sudden are beginning to love her. The day you wear it ask if she'll like to put on hers so you two take a picture together. Or, you find out when she'll like to re rock that out fit so you launch yours too. I bet she won't forget that.

Kate Middleton Princess Diana 11

Princess Diana Kate Middleton 8

Princess Diana Kate Middleton 5

All photos credit: Getty Images


  1. If a mother inlaw does not like you, even if you kill yourself to make her happy, sorry she'll not appreciate you. I can do this with my MIL but will she not go gossiping me after all that?

  2. Anonymous3/02/2016

    Nice Idea. Bookmarked!

  3. Anonymous3/02/2016

    I no follow at all.

  4. But Diana was a stunner sha, goodness gracious!
    Very elegant lady!


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