Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) Cynthia Bailey 'no longer living' with husband Peter Thomas

'Separated': Real Housewives Of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey and husband Peter Thomas are reportedly living apart; last week on the season 8 reunion show she said that things between them are 'not great'

Earlier this week, Cynthia hinted that her marriage was struggling.And on Friday, TMZ uncovered some evidence of Cynthia Bailey's struggle, as it turns out the RHOA star and husband Peter Thomas are no longer living together.
According to the news site, while the show was on break, Peter decided to move into the couple's Charlotte, North Carolina home, leaving Cynthia in their place in Atlanta, Georgia. A source told TMZ that the arrangement has been going on for 'months,' because Peter no longer wants to be a part of the reality show.
He also apparently blames the show for the disintegration of his tenuous
marriage, since the program made their relationship issues a focus.Because of the show's scrutiny, Peter claims that it makes it very hard to make progress on their relationship off-camera

 Some promos for the next season seemed to hint at cheating rumors between the troubled couple, although the source says that Cynthia doesn't believe that is the case.  
While she and Peter were seen rekindling their romance during a Jamaican vacation at the end of season 8 of the reality show, the 48-year-old says things have changed since then.
'At the finale, what you guys saw, we were definitely at a better place. I will say that Peter and I are not in a great place right now,' she told the Reality Checked with Amy Phillips show on Radio Andy on Tuesday.
Cynthia went on: 'I don't know what's gonna happen. I usually have all the answers for all the questions, but when it comes to my marriage, I just don't know right now.'
'I just know that it's not good right now,'she said.
Season 8 started with trouble between Cynthia and Peter over a cell phone video that showed him being inappropriately touchy-feely with another woman in a night club.
Tumultuous relationship: The model and the businessman met eight years ago and wed five years ago on RHOA. They're pictured in New York City on February 19
 48 year old Cynthia and her husband Peter.

 But they worked through their issues and committed to making their marriage work. 
‘We chose to stay together and work things out and now things are better than ever,’ Cynthia explained on camera.
However, the second part of the RHOA reunion show set to air on Bravo on Sunday suggests that all is not going well between the couple, who met eight years ago and tied the knot five years ago.
And on Radio Andy, Cynthia said that living their marriage in the glare of a reality show has not been easy.
'We're the only couple on The Real Housewives of Atlanta that was actually married on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. We've never been married outside of the show, and I don't think that has helped us a lot,' the model and actress explained.
'Maybe if we were married three years before we got on the show, that would've been better. I just have nothing to compare my marriage to outside of being on the show, she added.
'It's just been difficult. I mean, the wedding was difficult. Everything about our marriage has been difficult,' she said. 


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