New Mom Tips: Best Hot Water Flask To Use In Nigeria

Hi Aunty Eya, Am a new mom who got so much help from wives connection during the period of my pregnancy. God bless everyone that shared pregnancy tips on the blog. I need help from other moms on the blog. I had my baby two weeks ago and I don't like the way our water turns warm within 1 to 2 hours. On Monday I got another flask. I had to complain to my baby item customer and she assured that dragon flask is the best. The only difference between this and the old flask is just about 2 hours. I boil water in the morning by say 6am and by 12 noon when I'll need to drink some hot water, it would have automatically turned warm. I need mothers to please shine me with tips on how to shop for good hot water flasks. I heard that a good flask can keep water hot for upto 12 hours, that's the kind I want. What brand of flask should I go for?


  1. Anonymous3/12/2016

    My Mega flask keeps hot for a whole day

  2. Mimi products are good.

  3. Anonymous3/13/2016

    What ever product u choose to go for, make sure the first thing you do with it after the purchase is pour in boiled water to the brim, cover and live for 24hr before turning it out and then wash with warm water. That way the flask will keep ur water hot for days. Note don't ever warsh ur flask with cold water

  4. Haer all day flask is the best. It keeps hot or cold for 36 hours. I have the flask in 2 sizes and the food warmer and they are all on point.


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