My Blended Family - Why Won't He Touch Me?

Good evening Aunty Eya and my awesome wives connection family. My story is a very uncommon one, so strange you may not like to put on the blog but I need your help. If you won't post it, then reply me privately with your own advice please Madam

My 3 kids are my present husband's while the second girl has a different Father. See why I said my story is strange and difficult to understand? I met my husband while Serving as a Youth Corper, we fell in love, got married and childishness made me think that what we watch on home videos is how marriages really are in real life. I wanted the "romance novel" type of marriage, the prince charming sweeping me off my feet and serving breakfast in bed kind of marriage and when those expectations weren't met, concluded that my husband didn't love me and there was no day that passed without a fight. Mom tried to guide me with advice but for where? I felt she was old school and didn't know how a modern marriage should be operated. It was really rocky I left him. Looking back now, We are both to blame for how things turned out because when I left, my husband didn't come immediately to take me back or ask for forgiveness. He was very proud and by the time he came looking for me, my eyes were already prying a different direction. I was no longer interested and wanted to experience love. I left with my son and refused him access to the boy.Lleft town and travelled down South PH, got a job  and met someone I thought would make a better prince charming.

Fast forward 2 years later, I got pregnant for him before realizing what a serial cheat he is. We broke up even before my daughter was born and it was there I started comparing and realized that my husband was the best thing that happened to me. I looked for him on Facebook, stalked a little and saw that he was still single after 2 years, so I started strategizing and the rest is history.

Said he he still missed me and wanted me back in his life. We renewed our vows with a small ceremony, I moved back to join him. I actually wanted him to adopt my new baby then but the biological father won't let me be. He is interested in his daughter and says he'll find me even if I hide under the sea.

Today, I have a family of 6. My 3 kids have one dad, their sister has a different father. If I say that it doesn't disturb me, then I lie to you Anty. I know a day will come when I will have to do some explanation, hoping that day never comes.

Ok, back to my marriage. Recently, my husband has become very selfish. I give him head every time we come together. That's how it starts and I also initiate it  most of the time. I swear  to God, the only time he really touches me is when he is touching my head when I'm sucking down on his python. And he will either finish in my mouth or finish in less than a minute at best in me because I would have sucked him so long trying to please him. No touching me. It sucks. I never had an orgasm ever since we reconciled because he never touches or goes down there.  If he doesn't love me that much anymore, why did he take me back? What is wrong?


  1. Good evening C, I'll post your mail tomorrow morning, I think you need advice from wise, intelligent minds on the blog. I will also add my comment by God's grace. For now, I must warn that finishing in your mouth is not the best for you sis. You can get throat cancer from that.

  2. Hahahahaha hahahahaha hahahahaha hahahahaha hahahahaha hahahahaha OMG the idea of throat cancer got me laughing all day. Am really learning oooooo. Okay back to the post. Why not seat your husband down and discuss this with him. Tell him how bad u feel when he doesn't touch u. Ask him what his reasons are, and do it in a friendly way not with authority. Check for a day he is very happy and talk to him. It could be dt he's still unhappy with you or something. Because if he doesn't luv or want u he won't accept u back. All d best.

  3. POSTER3/04/2016

    Thanks Aunty Eya, I thot you won't post my story. Yes I know about the cancer ish and I don't swallow, doesn't even get near my throat abeg. I spit it out and wash my mouth with warm water in the bathroom. Aunty Brandy Bless, thakns and God bless. It's very difficult for me to saet my husband down and talk about such topics, I have never tried it. Thanks anyway.

  4. Just try it dear. U know communication is very very vital in every relationship. Even it it's difficult for you but am sure it will change things. Funny enough he might feel u Okay with it but when u confront him there ll b changes. Remember he won't kill you for confronting him, highest he ll ignore but d message has been passed

  5. If u can't seat and talk,maybe u are finding it difficult to start d topic,u can always write a note n give him!painting scenario : you summarize a few things you want to discus;u can start by saying how hard it is for u 2 talk bout such(trying to butter him up)then say wat u wanna talk bout without going into 2 much details. Give him d note when u are both happy,n sit infront of him while he reads it, den take d paper back n u can start talking. That will help break d ice n get d convo going


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