Indomie Noodles Recipe AGAIN

Oh yes, indomie again. We've had a long enough break sha. I remember in 2013, when I kept posting different indomie noodle recipes until I started receiving comments asking if noodles are the only thing I know how to cook. I am not a noodle fan. This, here is hubby's  last Sunday's lunch. He loves noodles with lots of vegetables and proteins. I never wanted to share this but come on, someone reading might like it. He enjoyed this lunch thoroughly while I enjoyed my Sunday rice and stew with some chill water. You can also try it this weekend, if your kids love noodles, this is a very nutritious version. When you kids eat this, you are sure there is fibre in their noodles meal and no worries about bowel movements and malnutrition.
I am posting this because even though there are many noodles recipes on the blog, there is none
exactly like this. I MUST WARN YOU THOUGH, when I posted those recipes, I didn't some of the things I know now as a blogger and didn't care how my food pictures looked. The pictures are not exactly what you are used to seeing but the taste? Heavenly. You'll love those recipes and your family will keep asking for more.


  1. Shredded beef
  2. 1 frankfurter sausage
  3. carrots
  4. cabbage
  5. onion
  6. Some red bell pepper
  7. Water
  8. 2 packs indomie noodles
  9. Noodle seasoning
  10. Finally, the lettuce on top for some green

COOKING PRODEDURE: Cooked just the way we all cook noodles, except that here I added all these ingredients to the pot of boiling water, with the seasoning before adding the noodles. In 15 minutes I was done with both preparation and cooking.
Enjoy your meal!

1. Beef sauce for rice

2. Grill chicken on a stove

3. Pan grilled fish with sauce
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  1. indomie will taste delicious if enjoyed with a spicy flavor


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