I Need Some Advice From Men

Hello wives connection friends and family, I am an only child whose parents are already aged and can't be bothered with
boyfriend ish. I'm 25, just got a great job and doing well for myself except in the area of love and marriage. I suffered heartbreaks in the hands of lying men in the past and am wary of any more mistakes in love. My boyfriend and I have been dating for one year now. I saw a ring in his drawer so guessing he might soon propose but for now, we are just friends.

So I confronted him last night about his porn habits, and he didn't like it and told me straight up that all women are the same, that whether he watches porn or not, he still loves me. He went on to say that there is no difference between me and those women on these videos and I go what? How can he say that all women are thee same. Does he even love me or he is just here for my money?


  1. What a wawauu! This is one side effect of porn addiction, makes the man see women as just mere sex toys, whose only use is for satisfying sexual urge.
    porn addiction makes a man value women less.
    Your man no doubt is a porn addict, and you never made mention of him apologising after such goof. You need to work on him, he needs to respect you and your opinion. A man that respects his lady shouldn't be proud of such sick addiction.
    It's still not a reason for you to be so apprehensive. It can be worked on.

    . ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA LUMIA

    1. Johnson3/01/2016

      Sister, this is what u get when you allow a man have the benefits for free... And this one is jobless: or why are you talking about him being there for your money?
      He definitely believes that he has you where he wants; and to a large extent he's right. Wake up from your slumber & place some good value on yourself.

  2. Bonario just typed my that's. A porn addict telling u women re thesame means he sees d female folks as objects to satisfy sexual urges. U ain't just dealing wt an addict who will never value u but also,a man wt no respect for women. Sue

  3. Is not just common with men saying all women are the same, even women mostly say that. I always correct people on dis. I think it's becoming a normal thing for most people to generalize. Everyone can never n ever b dsame. Anyway when he is calm just tell him that u don't like d idea of generalizing issues.

  4. You are already suspicious of him. I think you know what to do just that you can't find the nerve just yet

  5. At an appropriate time, ask him what he thinks about your relationship. People can say awful things out of anger. He may be good in other areas but however you know hom more. So if there are other things bothering you, talk it through.


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