I Caught My Husband In Bed With 2 Of Our Nannies - Sharon Osborne

I Was Unlucky When It Came To Nannies.

First hand knowledge: The Talk hosts were discussing actress Eva Amurri Martino's revelation that she had to fire her nanny for sending an inappropriate text saying she wanted to 'F**k [his] brains out' when Sharon decided to share

Their relationship has hardly been smooth but even this confession comes as a bit of a shock.
Sharon Osborne has revealed that husband Ozzie slept with two of the nannies hired to look after their children.
The 63-year-old star shocked her fellow The Talk panellists with her candid confession on
Tuesday's show.

The Talk hosts were discussing actress Eva Amurri Martino's revelation that she had to fire her nanny for sending an inappropriate text saying she wanted to 'F**k [his] brains out' when Sharon decided to share.
Sharon said: 'We used to have four nannies, because I had three children - I would work five days a week - I would travel because you can't work a nanny seven days a week.'

The couple have Aimee, now 32, Kelly, 31, and Jack, 30, and the star said she was 'unlucky' when it came to nannies.
Sharon said: 'I'm telling you, they were the bane of my existence. They were all wanting to be celebrities. They were all wanting money.

 The out of nowhere dropped: 'I caught two of them in bed with Ozzy! At different times. It goes on and on.'
When one of her cast members suggested maybe she should be angry at her 67-year-old rocker husband, Sharon excused his behaviour as Ozzy was not sober at the time.
She said of when she busted him: 'He's out of his mine and he's calling them his first wife, he's calling them me.'

Sharon dealt with the issue as you would expect the no holds back star to do: 'At the end of the day, I hired a manny called Big Dave.'
Leaving everyone with a warning, Sharon said: 'Never trust a nanny!'
While Sharon and Ozzy are fine now the couple's marriage has had very tough times that has been marred by violence and drug abuse. The couple split briefly in 2013 after the Black Sabbath star fell off the wagon again.

Why do wives excuse their husbands and blame it on the other woman?


  1. Instead oF hiring 4 Nannies in the US where nannies are dangerously expensive, and paying the bitter price of enduring infidelity, why didn't she just stay home and raise her kids herself? SMH for Oyibo women.

  2. Desmond3/04/2016

    And she is still with him. If she had asked you ladies on thhis blog for advise, you all will be running your mouths asking her to leave him. Nonsense!

  3. Anonymous3/04/2016

    Oga Desmond, keep quiet if you have nothing reasonable to say. Where did we tell any poster to leave their husbands? In your dream?

    Billie Jean

  4. Anonymous3/04/2016

    Try staying home to raise kids and see how you'll lose all that value before your husband. If she stayed home to raise kids, will she be on TV as a talk show host? She'll be somewhere washing clothes and sweeping.

    Billie Jean

  5. Anonymous3/04/2016

    Very well said Billie Jean. .... the fear of your man sleeping with the Nanny shouldn't stop you from going out to make money abeg. My dear it is for us to put our husbands in daily prayers o beacuse if he is not sleeping with Nanny,he might still decide to sleep with someone outside.... so becoming a monitoring spirit will not stop any man, a man will only stop if he wants to.


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