He always wants to know my every move, How long I'll spend when I go out

Helo WC please i really need to make a  decision. my boy friend doesn't trust, i
know i'm responsible for that cos i messed up once and i told him about
it and assured him it will never happen again and i intend to stick to
that, he forgave me but brings up the issue sometimes and i hate it.
It feels like he will always talk about it and i'm not sure he has
really forgiven me. He always wants to know my every move,what i'm
doing, how long i'll spend when i go out, if he calls and my number is
busy that becomes a problem, he concludes a guy is calling. i'm a
student and 22 yrs, was leaving with dad but he just got transferred
so i stay alone now. my boy friend keeps  saying i'll mess up cos i stay alone
now. He works in another state and  i see him once or twice a year. i
truly love him but i don't feel the relationship is healthy for me , he
doesn't trust me no matter what i do or say. won't this whole thing
continue even after marriage?
 is it wise for me to break up with him
or is there something i can do to make him trust me again?


  1. Johnson3/29/2016

    Abeg, I tire for dis kin gist... "I truly love him.." This thing called LOVE - the most misused word in the entire universe. Diaris God o!!!

    1. Johnson3/29/2016

      Poster, u messed up by sleeping with another man? He's using it against u? U could as well have been staying alone if u were on campus, so dad transfer is no issue. Since he works, I suspect he's able to do online transfer once in awhile? Babe - face your studies and focus on having healthy relationships. Let no man box u in a cage. With a good grade and good self-image, the opportunities are endless: good men are jara!

  2. You made a mistake and you were wrong. I'm sure he does make mistakes too. If there is no trust in the relationship I wonder if the relationship has a foundation. If you ask me, I'll say move on.

  3. Better move on and stay focused on ur studies and the next time you have a boyfriend better abstain from messing up.

  4. Face your life and forget him. There's no relationship without trust. Build your self esteem and grow in God's wisdom. Someone deserving will find you.

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  5. Hahahahaha just as I tire too. Luv no b by force if him no fit 4 give I wonder hw u want live with am. Abi him na perfect human?


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