Ese Oruru And Her Family Need Our Prayer


I guess we all haave been following the story of the 14 year old abducted from Bayelsa and taken to Kano State. She'll be handed
over to her parents today.Well, I don't think she is fine. This is Africa and whether we believe it or not, jazz happens. I just read her short Telephone interview on Punch Newspaper and something just doesn't seem right. Is she ok? God please protect your children from the devourer.

See it below:

In an exclusive, but brief chat with our correspondent at about 9.45pm, Ese sounded happy on the telephone.
She said, “Hello,” and laughed when our correspondent spoke to her.
“How are you?” Our correspondent asked. She laughed and replied ‘Fine.”
“We are glad you are safe and on your way back home.”
“Who is this,” she asked.
“How was your journey?”
“We have not started the journey, maybe tomorrow,” she said, probably referring to the onward trip to Bayelsa.
“Hope they treated you well and you are fine?”
I am not fine,” she said curtly.
She replied, “When I come we should see. I don’t know you.”

“I will be looking forward to meeting you,” our correspondent replied.


  1. She looks hypnotized, she has been through a whole lot.
    She needs urgent rehabilitation.

    . ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA LUMIA

  2. I said it that dis gurl is not herself. Something is not just right about her. It's only GOD dt we need to deliver her from the spell,juju,charm dey did to her. I just wonder y all dis huh? May God help us all in this country n especially for the parents. It's not funny, seeing your child turn into a total stranger.

  3. May God deliver her from the yoke of bondage and strengthen her family amen.

  4. God is in control and wil definitely intervene in des situation,it is well.


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