Breakfast Ideas 9: Making Hubby's Breakfast

This hot dog and salad is one breakfast I served hubby this time a year ago. I took pics to share but forgot and just yesterday while looking at my old pics, Google reminded me that this photo was taken exactly one year ago and it's still not on the blog. So, I quickly uploaded to share. Well, if you have been following wives connection, you'll already know that me, I nor send o. I don't eat hot dogs. or
ham, salami or burgers. I can swallow for breakfast if the soup is good but my family members eat differently and it's still me that has to prepare theirs and then go eat my local stuff. I serve breakfast with moringa tea even though I couldn't continue taking because I enjoy my Milo, Ovaltine or Bournvita beverages with bread and scarmbled eggs in the morning. I serve hubby vegetable salad daily while I eat that sometimes not everyday. For those asking for breakfast ideas, I'd like to share but I don't know whether to share what I eat or what my family members eat because we rarely eat the same thing except at Lunch. Even at dinner, it's not the same meal. Hubby doesn't eat carbohydrates for dinner, the girls like copying their father most times while I eat what my body craves for, could be rice, yam, plantain or even eba and soup, in controlled quantities though.

The picture below was taken in the kitchen, that is for the girls and on this day, I remember just drinking my hot milo beverage with boiled eggs sliced and sandwiched in bread.

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