A Northern Sister Shares Bedroom Tips To Help Revive Ailing Marriages. Part 2

Happy new year Fam, sorry for the silence pls, laziness and procrastination on my part caused it. Instead of discussing what I had promised the last time, I would beg to digress a little. After reading up posts on so many women who are not happy I feel I should talk about another key point today, before I talk on natural remedy for wetness, tightness and use of waist beads for rhythm during sexual intercourse. Quickly I will answer Brandyless wiliiams( you can check the directoress on Instagram for the oils) if you reside in Abuja I can drop a contact for you.

Please permit me to be a bit graphic today, I believe we are all adults and for today I will say it as it is.
Oga when was the last time you got your wife to orgasm? Do you just penetrate and roll off?  madam do you know what it means to orgasm? I don't mean all this fakie orgasm oh ( we both know 90% of women fake orgasm to please their partners, but wait oh who are you cheating with this? if your answer is no, please go and google on it before you proceed further with this my write up.
Many women see sex as only pleasing for the husband, and only a man should orgasm! lol don't let the men enjoy it alone, it is for the benefit of you both.
A little illustration please  I love clothes and shopping and no matter how tired I feel, if I hear my favorite store is doing a massive 70% sale I must go and shop, I would be so excited waiting for my online goodies to arrive. Ladies listen if you know the intense joy an orgasm gives you will want daily dose.  When you enjoy sex with your husband you wont want any distance between you two. Women that go extra mile to fake orgasm, let me shock you, the man knows that you are faking it, so don't bother. For a man nothing is more sexy than to see your woman orgasm because of your touch. I have spoken to a handful of men and they all agree that there is no other experience like the shivering of your woman when she comes, the scratches on his back in the heat of passion, the dilating pupils. Sadly because 90% of women hardly orgasm we look for a thousand excuses not to have sex with our men.

You may think I have been dwelling so much on the woman, lol that's because our body is wired very different from a man's own. Orgasm for a man is easy but for a woman you need time and patience to bring you over the edge, and it's our duty to teach the man what we want. please never be shy to tell your man what you want and how you want it. If he goofs around pressing your breast awkwardly, hold his hands and guide him on how you want him to fondle you. 
A little illustration  after I successfully convinced my hubby to try oral sex with me, I realized he didn't know how to give good head, and instead of pleasure I will get bites with his teeth etc. I had to quickly get materials and lovingly teased him that this is pussy licking class 101, with time I taught him the vagina and the parts in it, and how to go about cunnilingus, and today he is over perfect that he knows that is the best way to get me to orgasm.

For you to adequately teach a man how to touch you, you must know your body well. Many women don't know how to go about embracing their sexuality, especially after child birth, you must see your self as beautiful and have confidence with your body. you must make effort to connect to your man intimately. Sex should never be boring in marriage, I wonder why the single ones experience sex as exciting but the married look at it as a chore. Madam, once you close that bedroom door, become crazy for that man, drop the Ephesians attitude outside( the anon that commented that she doesn't think her husband will like her touching herself, you would be shocked at his sexual fantasy once the window for adventure and communication is open) no one is watching you.  Don't be predictable  with sex, not every time bedroom, not every time silent drill because you don't want the kids to hear, at times go and lodge somewhere and have loud sex, at times park the car on a lonely road and give it to him (yes, I have done that, Aunty Eya no look me with side eyes oh)

Please there is nothing like a happy marriage, marriage is what you make of it, you must make marriage happy to be happy. Many times the law of see finish sets in, and it tends to get boring, as a woman, constantly improve on yourself, get adventure, find fun things to do that don't have to do with your husband. I will talk more on giving the man space so he can chase you next time. Please I know there are women with heavy hearts, broken hearts, betrayed hearts that have made you strangers with your man, please forgive him even though he may never apologise or know what he did wrong, forgive him and make him your friend. Take out time to know about his work, his favorite football team, his colleagues, whatever interests him should also interest you. If he is going out, offer to go out with him, escort him to get his hair shaved, compliment him when you see he got a new tie etc. Please try and make your marriage work. Don't allow, am not in the mood, am tired etc create space between you and your man.  When the children start coming don't let them create space between you two, after breastfeeding the baby, face your husband and sex feed yourselves please. Get cot for the baby or find a way to sleep without baby staying between you two. I remember the 3 months pre wedding drill I had with my aunty, she emphasized so much on exchanging breath and maintaining body contact while sleeping, that is a way to bond. Make out time to play with your man, gist, swim etc.

You will notice I kept using please, I most of these tips, because I know its never easy but trust me its well worth it. A quick home work, give yourself a timeout in a spa this weekend, wax and clean your skin, oga make sure you give her money to go and pamper yourself because our next topic would dwell on, waxing of the vagina, using your skin glow as a natural turn on, waist beads for rhythm, natural remedy for wetness and tightness. Any question or suggestion on what I have discussed so far just leave a comment and I will reply them all.
thanks for reading


  1. No side eyes oh. You are on track and I like jor.

  2. Wow I will call dis counseling. Thank you plenty plenty plenty. I appreciate sincerely. I have always love waist beads. I think I ll go get. Funny enough I have forgotten the oil I ask for but I ll check d IG. Yes I reside in Abj

  3. Uh oh now I remember what I asked for. Have checked d instagram but can't view pix ( under privacy) so what do I do? Wud hv love to make choices

  4. Thank you for the tips dear.
    How come I've not seen plenty comments? Oya BV's come out of ya hiding places!

    For amazing stories, visit

  5. Interesting read, the problem most times is communication. Couples hardly discuss sex either as a result of our culture, fear of hurting the men's ego etc

  6. Anonymous3/05/2016

    Hello poster,I also want the Oil.I reside In Europe
    Thank u for Your post.

  7. New Momm3/05/2016

    Won't the beads hurt oga at the top?

  8. Anonymous3/05/2016

    In the car? That can make you look cheap dear poster.

    1. Anonymous3/06/2016

      OmGeeeee!!!are serious???? Make you look cheap? With your OWN husband??? I have no words

  9. Anonymous3/05/2016

    Can a circumcised lady experience orgasm? I was circumcised as a child, married with 3 kids, never experienced that even in my dream

  10. Humm I will work on it but I'm breast feeding and always smelling of breastmilk I feel it will turn my hubby off.

  11. Anonymous3/05/2016

    Thank u very much @poster,pls o what can a woman take to increase her libido?

  12. Anonymous3/06/2016

    Pls I need to increase my. Libido o,im always never really in d mood cos of low libido.most times I see it as a chore n in my mind will be lik-oya oga com n do ur tin so il move on 2 something else.cant wait for d upcoming post on wetness n waist beads.

  13. Anonymous3/06/2016

    Ladies, set aside a day of the week for you and Mr to enjoy yourselves. Bedding is not necessarily an In-N-out thing. There are times when you just have to improvise.

    Buy a good wig that normally you wouldn't wear. Buy a pair of thongs, preferably red, and a two sizes smaller matching bra. Buy a pair of black or red high heels, the type that strippers wear. Buy a bottle of perfume, buy a jar of honey. Buy some turari and an empty can of peak milk to put the turari stick inside it. If you have jigida all well and good if not, use a scarf. Get a set of makeup with loud colours -red lipstick works wonders. Now that you are ready with all these things in a small portmanteau (potimoto) set the scene. Men are very visual and you want to set the scene, turn him on, let him lose his mind as his lumber jack rises to the occasion. This is nothing to do with loose or Ashawo, you will be forever grateful you followed this little hit mess of a scenario.
    Make sure the doors are closed, you've had a bath and you've worn your outfit panty and Bra. Make sure the Pata eats well into your bottom, while your breasts are slightly exposed. There's music playing in the background, you and Mr have enjoyed a meal before the transformation... i'll be right back to write act2 and 3.

    1. Anonymous3/07/2016

      Hello again, Act2. Cont'd::::
      This is a day you and Mr have set aside for nookie remember?! So, both of you are in a chill and relaxed mood. There's music in the background, the TV is likely switched on to avoid noise filtration (LOL). Mr is watching the TV and you have sat on his lap and have engaged the "Throttle" in such a way, that Mr is warm and fuzzy and knows something is amiss. Alright, the mood is set and all. Sneak into the bedroom, spare room or wherever you've place your "work clothes" in that portmanteau or bag and get dressed. Mr doesn't need to see you dressing, let him wait for the great reveal. While he is there on the settee nursing a rock-steady boner, make your appearance in your change of clothes - Lingerie and all. If you have a bathrobe you can don that and emerge smelling all lovely and so on. At this stage, Mr obviously will be, maybe slightly shocked but pleasantly so. If he says something like. ' Mama Jessica na wetin be this?' Go for that Hard Boner - rub it softly and( don't forget the twin sacks as well, they too need your hands' warmth) and tell him to wait and see while you plant a kiss on his mouth and gently on his Johnnie Walker. Out of shock, you will see that he too will relax and see what is about to unfold before his, by now, bulging eyes. Tell him to call you by your name and make sure you give him a quick flash of what you've got hidden under that robe, while you clasp your breasts together with your hands and tell him they are all his. Yeah, unless he is a log of wood, he will be delighted and you will see that he will continue to nurse that boner while you prep him for the ride of his life. The music is still on, you are probably tethering on your heels and need comfort. Just walk seductively towards the TV to distract him, hold onto anything to steady your balance and with one hand, seductively remove that robe while doing a very nasty and dirty fact I forgot, you can even slather some of your lady- love juices on his nose tip. Once he smells that, believe me, he is ready. Don't let him have a dip in that honey pot just yet. Do your dance and gradually strip, leaving on those shoes and that, by now, moist thong. And tell him to come join you. He will leap at you like a frog. Still, you have to hold off actual intercourse but work his hands around your body. Let your lips and hands do the talking baby or no baby, milk or no milk, men are weak and they love a bold and slutty woman in the bedroom. Missionary position will leave you frustrated and unfulfilled, you just have to be able to play the game right. Don't let the fact that you are married turn you into a shy, bag of rice in the bed. You belong to your man and vice versa. It's your duty to Werk, Werk and work him so much that if he normally leaves the office at 5, he will be rushing home by 4 to catch another Matinee in your bedroom, starring YOU. ACT3 is underway. Got to go take care of business. I will be back with more if you like it and if Ms EYA doesn't ban me for life from this blog. While I'm away get cracking, get that Lingerie. The very sleazy one and no, don't worry about how skinny or voluptuous you are. You are a woman and Mr looooooves a tiger, in bed. Groooar, Meow.

  14. Anonymous3/07/2016

    Wooooow! One of d most interesting lectures ever! I need 2 memorize every single sentence!pls wat is turari? Can barely wait for part 3!!!

    1. Anonymous3/08/2016

      Turari = incense.

  15. Anonymous3/08/2016

    Part 3 please!!!


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