A Doctor Has Had His Registration Cancelled For Failure To Properly Diagnose Appendicitis

Eight-year-old Jacob Belim died from septic shock five days after former doctor Hamid Kahn failed to diagnose his appendicitis at his Sydney practice in 2009
 The 8 year old.

A 77 year old Doctor who failed to diagnose appendix has had his Registration cancelled. The medical practitioner failed to diagnose an eight-year-old boy with appendicitis has had his medical registration cancelled after the child died in hospital. 
Dr Hamid Kahn, who has been a general practitioner for 40 years, examined the
boy when he was brought into his surgery in Busby in south-west Sydney on March 23, 2009.
The boy, who has been named as Jacob Belim, was complaining of abdominal pain and vomiting, the Daily Telegraph reports. 
Dr Kahn examined the boy before sending him home with medication. 
Jacob's mother took him back to the practice the following day and another doctor diagnosed him with a possible ruptured appendix and called an ambulance.
He was taken to Liverpool Hospital before being transferred to the Children's Hospital at Westmead where he died five days later from septic shock.
At an inquest into Jacob's death in 2011, the Coroner noted: 'it is not clear how close and thorough was (the practitioner's) examination but he entirely missed (the child's) appendicitis.' 




  1. U c? Nigeria Doc should learn from dis oooooo.


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