5 Reasons I Will Not Add You

Hi Aunty Eya, please help me share reasons why I don't add everyone that DMs or sends me request on Social media and let's
see if other people accept everyone that sends them  a request or have reasons they reject some requests; I hope am not being too hard instead of making friends.
1.  You call me sexy or honey or sweetie after saying Hi. 
2. You have very little content on your profile, no pictures and doesn't look like a real human
3. If you have nude pictures or dirty messages on your profile
4. If you have a generic avatar instead of your real photo
5. If you are 50 something years old.

Can we share those things that will make you reject friend requests or not respond to DM?


  1. 1. you are too young for me to communicate with
    2.You design ur pics with some animation like trees, lips. didn't use ur pics or a blank profile photo
    4.will ignore you if you text me, I wish to know more about you
    5.if every details about you isn't in ur profile

  2. Me there are no reasons why I can't accept a request or DM invitation. I feel the individual has a reason for reaching out to me, I try not to shut my doors on people on social media.
    I have never blocked anyone on twitter no matter how annoying the person is, to me I feel I have the emotional capacity to rise above every form of hate.
    Today most of the people I would have shut out during the last election, due to divergent political views are now my very close friends.
    That is my method, it may not work for you.

    . ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA LUMIA

  3. I won't add you if we have no mutual friends and you do not send a message explaining why you added me.

  4. On Facebook if there are some mutual friends I will accept. Otherwise NO. On IG if I check few pix of urs n like what I c, den I can follow. But all dos once dt strt with bby, sweetie,honey etc it's a turn off for me.

  5. Johnson3/03/2016

    * Not sharing mutual friends – less than 2 mutual friends is suspicious.

  6. Anonymous3/03/2016

    I will not add or accept anyone that has those extreme Islamic names that come from Afghanistan. Don't want terrorists among my friends.

  7. New Momm3/03/2016

    Not accepting anyone with body parts as profile pic.

  8. Baby Oku3/03/2016

    Won't accept friend request from people with some kind of names written in languages I can't read.

  9. Anonymous3/03/2016

    If your profile pic is fugly. don't bother.

  10. I used to decline requests when I was younger. Now, I accept but if you're shallow or we don't sync, I just tell you to move on. I'm blunt like that

  11. It depends on the type of person.


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