What Is Too Much Love?

Aunty Eya, please post for me, I just read somewhere that Nigerian girls misbehave when they are shown too much love. That during
courtship, a man is not expected to kinda show all his emotions and express all that love because the day his fiancee realizes he cannot do without her is when she'll start misbehaving. I am a lady in my twenties, looking forward to a loving union and will want to know if a man truly, deeply loves me before I commit. If my man withholds his feelings, how do I get convinced he loves me. The most important question on my mind is: What are those actions that qualify as too much love? Is it taking her out for dinner? Is it washing her undies? Is it helping her clean? Is it opening the car door for her? Is it polishing her shoes and ironing her clothes? Is it taking her to the movies and spending time with her OR WHAT? I really would like to know.
Example is this comment below written by a guy:
Never let a girl know how much you love her. 
It's better you act as if you don't love her.
Treat her like a rag then she will love you.
Be nice to her then she will take you for granted. So show some bad boy character and don't be a yes man
Don't be too close to her, give her some distance and she will value you and this is where economics comes which says that scarcity creates value.
Don't give her much money even if you have much to spend but make her believe you have money by spending it on yourself.
Don't call her everyday keep some space.
Can this be true? 
Thanks in advance.


  1. So True! When you give a woman too much attention, she starts taking you for granted. Give her suspence, be scarce and tough on her, that's when you see her dying for you. Poster, haven't you realize that women fall in love easily with men who are hard on them? Simple, good men are often treated badly and even dumped by ladies.

  2. Anonymous2/29/2016

    When you do everything a woman says, you are a "yes man" and that is showing too much love. Do everything a woman says? she starts misbehaving, feeling like your demigod.


  4. Johnson3/01/2016

    I like my 2 brothers (David & Anonymous) that commented earlier – what they have written is the way of the world and, unfortunately, we are in the world.
    Every lady wants a man that has soft-spot for her and shows some level of affection. However, they also want, without thinking of it, a man that is firm and can show some level of protection, self-assurance, & restrain when opportunity demands. These latter qualities bring the needed security for ladies…
    The truth, however, is that we all change over time – either for better or worse. A man that loves & reverence God will definitely get better and be able to love you more over time. So single ladies, look for men with strong desire for God and that is fond of you before all the “taking out, washing your undies, helping to clean, cook for you, spending time, etc”. All these things are jara o!

  5. Heyyyyy nawa oooooo mbok what d guy said is not it ooo except he doesn't like d girl. When u love someone u can't hold back anything. Nothing like treat her like trash n she ll run after u. I bet u dt u ll lost so many good pipu with dt idea. If love is truly involved in a rshp both of you ll value yourselves. Respect yourselves and treat each other the way u want to be treated. Nothing like saving d love for marriage etc.

  6. All I know is when you treat a woman right, she will love and respect you all the time.

  7. Johnson3/01/2016

    It’s an irony that all the ladies will say “when u treat a woman right, she will love and respect you”, while the ‘good guys’ will claim that they are losing out to the ‘bad guys’.
    I remember how babes call the ‘good guys’ BOBO NICE and make fun of them! Movies like “The Preacher’s Daughter” & “Temptations” by Tella Perry??, also drive home this point.
    Guys, a lady that does not appreciate your ‘bobo nice’ posture does not deserve you…

  8. It's a very simple tin,expect d bobo nice is loving a girl whose hrt is wit somone else ardy,in dt case u dnt expect miracle to happen ova nite,buh wen u meet a girl and mke ur intentions known to her not beating around d bush if she respond back to ur feelings go ahead and show her all d love u hve in store for her buh if she doesn't wnt u,wit all d niceness and displaying of love nothing wil mke her love u instead she wil only be irritated by u and at d end d guy wil say women dnt like d good guys.dts where d miss understanding and miss judging a woman comes in play.

  9. Phew! To each his own, what works for A might not work for B.
    But I know for sure women need attention, even the strong hearted still wish to love and be loved. There is not metre used in measuring love a woman should be shown.
    As for me, I will fill her to the brim with the love of her, that the spillover becomes mine.

    . ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA LUMIA

  10. Mine is we should do unto others as we would like to be done to. What goes around, comes around.

  11. This ideology is childish,a grown woman knows wats best for her treat her like trash and watch her leave treat her like a queen and be a crowned king

  12. Anonymous4/11/2016

    honestly if you meet a guy that thinks like that, run. he is not meant for you anyway... so in a bid to make sure you don't get too big headed, he'll manipulate you by treating you like crap. this is nowhere near domestic abuse levels, but it just sound like one of the tactics they use. they withhold love and appreciation so you end up feeling like you need to do more for them or they'll leave you. you become dependent.

    it also says a lot about what they think about you if a guy every tried this on you. it means he thinks you're someone who takes people for granted and will start misbehaving and using him. and if you're not like that, you likely don't want such a prejudiced person in your life anyway.


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