Unable To Post Comments. Why? You Need Tutorial?

Hello aunty eya how is the family? Have been unable to post comments on the blog for some time now guess it's my browser or something. Please help me post this comment as anonymous on your last post "why dos his family ignore me.?Thank you.

" He is your fiance and you get visit him anytime you want... but he still lives with his parents. You said he works out of town so probably when he comes home he needs to spend time with his family and you show up and spend days. You need to
respect your integrity and lay low if he loves you he will create time for you two and spend time with you and not you going to his father's house whenever he is around... you no get shame ne?
This will create more problems with your in-laws why because no well brought up 9ja girl will do this, if he lives alone that's a different issh. So my advice is stay away from visiting and spending days, suggest to hook up outside."


  1. Thanks for sending your comment as a mail. Recently I'm receiving these mails complaining of inability to leave comments on the blog. I'm grateful to those of us who still take time to send the comments as mails so I help you paste. I have changed the comment settings many times to see which works, maybe I continue changing until we get the perfect setting. I like this present setting because it allows for replies to comments. With other settings, you can't reply directly.

    I remember a few years back Ace gave some tips on how to leave comments: He advised Blackberry users and other phone users who cannot leave comments to download Opera mini browser, they did and started leaving comments with ease. If your browser doesn't allow typing comments, I'll suggest you download the opera mini browser and try again.
    Happy weekend. Please cook something from our recipes. If you can't find the recipe you want, just ask, leave a comment and we'll help you find it.
    Happy cooking!

  2. Thanks Anty Eya, I need the recipe for that white soup with cowtail, can't find it on the blog.

    1. http://www.wivestownhallconnection.com/2014/07/a-guide-to-wives-connection-recipes.html

  3. Anonymous2/28/2016

    I can only comment with internet explorer never with chrome


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