The Olajumoke Story By Praise Fowowe:

Carry Olajumoke's Husband Along!

Olajumoke, her husband and baby.  It's important that  the husband of the breadseller  be updated too, carried alongside, so he can comfortably fit in as the husband of the model.

The marriage counselor , Life Coach and Motivational Speaker Praise Fowowe has added his voice  to the Olajumoke Orisaguna story. As he’s a life coach, he has some advice for Olajumoke’s husband, Sunday Orisaguna. Read below:

Events of the last few days have left me with mixed emotions. In as much as I am so excited about the change in fortune of Olajumoke, I have also stepped aside to think through the
implications of this new found fame. As a student of life, one thing I have come to become afraid of is instant stardom. This is because from my knowledge of history especially reading through the Bible, the first man to be an instant adult fell by the way in the third chapter of Genesis (as chronicled by the legendary leader Moses).
I am a family life coach and family is everything to me. I sit in counseling sessions daily and I am amazed at the rate at which marriages fail in this part of the world and the factors responsible for these marital failures. I come out on the strength of this to sound the alarm before what we never bargained for happens.
The attention seems to have been so much on Jumoke, the model, and I wonder what the plan is for her husband?
For the records, no story has been told of her marital relationship prior to her stardom. The Yoruba speaking Olajumoke who was intellectually compatible with her husband left the house that fateful day. But, there is a new Jumoke now, one who has become a cynosure and the latest celeb in the nation.
What role would this play in her family life?
May I state here that all the corporate giants that have suddenly rolled out their drums to beat a new dance for Jumoke, the beautiful bride, should also extend the same gestures to her husband so we do not end up with a celeb whose marriage may struggle in days to come.
So here are my suggestions:
  • The husband must be made to go through the same level of training Jumoke is exposed to. There is no point giving this man a modern wife when he may remain an ancient man. If Jumoke, the celebrity, is going to be an English speaking one, her husband must also become one.
  • Attach the husband to a Family Life Coach or a Psychologist who can work with him to birth a mentality which matches the new status of his wife. I have seen educated men struggle with a wife who is a corporate success and can only imagine what would happen in a case as this.
  • Carefully manage the relationship between Jumoke, her husband and their extended family. This is Africa and we all know the implications.
  • Keep Jumoke close to TY Bello or Tara Fela-Durotoye; these are two women who have been able to match corporate success with domestic success. A scandal on our beautiful bride is a news we would not want to hear as all sorts of juicy offers will come her way. It takes a values driven person to resist some of the offers which may come from some quarters that I shall not mention here. Jumoke needs to be this values driven person; she needs to be groomed to be this person.
  • Manage and pace this lady so that different platforms who may want to use her story to inspire others do not take advantage of her. If possible, shoot a one-time video which can be played for their audience as against subjecting the girl to a road show that may wear her out.
  • Care should be taken to ensure Jumoke’s innocent friends remain her friends because the friends she may make now may not be true friends. Her fellow breadsellers should be upgraded if possible till she develops a new mindset that can match her new status


  1. Anonymous2/19/2016

    Instant fame dikwa risky

  2. Johnson2/19/2016

    With fame, the devil becomes very interested... I hope Olajumoke will not become a sour story later. Praise's suggestions should be taken onboard ASAP.

  3. Anonymous2/19/2016

    This has been my sentiments exactly since the outbreak of the miracle, thanks Praise Fowowe for bringing these very important issues (family, friends etc) to the forefront, i hope and pray that Olajumoke's blessing will endure even as it continues to abound.

  4. This was the same point a friend raised while discussing and the Jumoke story flew in yesterday.
    The husband looks confused and unaware of his new environment.
    They shouldn't give the devil an opportunity to come between them, it wont spoil her fame if her family story is told alongside that of her new fame.

    . ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA LUMIA

  5. I raised this same points when Jumoke was found. Let's hope that they take this advice seriously because honestly, her husband needs to be upgraded too.

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  6. I thought this exact same thing when this story broke out and progressed.
    Praise has written very well.


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