POS Deducted My Money For No Reason. How Do I Get It Back?

Good morning Aunty Eya, please this is urgent. It's serious. Help me ask on wives connection blog if anyone has experienced what I
just saw this morning. I refuse to be swindled by any Supermarket whatsoever. 
This morning, while going to work, I stopped at a supermarket to pick up a few things. The POS machine rejected my Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) card without printing any receipt. I was told by the sales lady that Network is poor and I hurriedly left. Not quite 10 minutes in the office, I get an alert from my Bank that money has been deducted by the said supermarket. What? How come? I rush back there and am told to contact my bank. Why would I contact my bank when
actually my card was inserted in that machine this morning. 

I want to make trouble but not sure if contacting my bank is the right thing to do. Please I need advice. I can't lose that sum of money now that Naira is still dancing skelewu. Should I press on the supermarket to refund my deducted money or go to my bank for refunds? Please help urgently.


  1. Anonymous2/29/2016

    go to your bank or call your bank customer care but it will take 7 working days before you get refund

  2. Baby Doctor2/29/2016

    This has happened to me at a popular supermarket in Abuja. Simply go to your bank and tell them you had a failed POS transaction. Also tell them date and place. They will check your account records to confirm this ( you don't need to produce any receipt or documentation, the system is actually surprisingly efficient). You will be asked to fill a form. Refund takes up to 72 hours. Good luck.

  3. Anonymous2/29/2016

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