Pastor Chris Oyakhilome And Pastor Anita OFFICIALLY DIVORCED. What Next?

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 With all the smiles and Public display of affection, so she wasn't really happy and no one could tell? she endured and kept a smiling face in an "abusive marriage" How can 2 pastors' marriage be tagged abusive? That not supposed to be the best marriage on earth? Is it really true that marriage is like white wash paint? that what is covered underneath, no one can tell until that paint or POP is washed off?
Sometimes I have questions that other people can't answer and that
leaves me more confused, especially about my religion o. Should I convert and try another religion to see the difference? To know which is more serious about THE CREATOR, God Almighty. 
Marriage is hard work and it requires the effort of both to keep moving. If one person tries all alone while the other makes no effort to keep this union alive, one day, strength might fail and then it goes crumbling. Iron sharpeneth Iron. I'm really serious about researching other fields maybe by converting if that will help me understand some things better and get answers to certain questions. I love to get answers. I don't like it when something cannot be dissected or understood and then we say, " well GOD UNDERSTANDS" 
So Pastor Anita has officially reverted back to her maiden name (her papa name). What about her Religious works authored as Pastor Anita Oyakhilome. 

For once I step aside and think that sometimes selfishness doesn't help. Just like most Nigerian mothers tolerating difficult husbands, men tolerating headache giving wives for the sake of the children , shouldn't leaders (Pastors) be selfless enough to do that for the sake of the flock, the name they carry?. After all it's a calling and we know that God can never send temptations that are heavier than us if we really want to fight or abi na lie?.

Now the pastors' divorce is finalised, I wish for a forum to ask a few questions and get to understand things better:

  1. Are they free to remarry and bear children if they want?
  2. Do the church members now have free licence to divorce when they feel it's not working?
  3. Can they still be friends since they have kids together, like calling and talking about their children?
  4. Now they are exes, will they remain friends or become foes? 
  5. What happens to the old volumes of Rhapsody of realities written by them both? Does this make them useless or can we still study with them during morning devotions and believe everything written there?
  6. What about other books they authored together?
  7. "Till Death do us part" Do other people get the feeling that this phrase will be rephrased soon?
  8. In case she remarries and he remarries...
  9. When church members go for marriage counselling, will they advise they divorce or stick together and make it work?
  10. Singles who only want to marry brothers in Church to be sure. How are you sure brother won't divorcee you tomorrow even after the vows?
Does anyone else have questions bothering them? After the news of this divorce got officially published this week I felt weak, as in, what is happening? Am I just being paranoid? Is everyone else ok with the news?


  1. I'm more shocked at the level of selfishness. In the last days men shall be lovers of themselves more than lovers of God. Aunty Eya, these are signs of the last days.

  2. Anonymous2/19/2016

    My question is this:
    Does Christianity now permit divorce? Remember Pastor Chris Okotie ehen ehen? Who are we deceiving????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  3. Johnson2/20/2016

    God has answered these questions, and more, in His WORD... Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure - it has not changed and it will not change.
    Have u seen/heard any 'man of god' file for divorce? Most likely not. Why? They don't want their ministry to fail even though the marriage is not working; in some cases due to their own actions/in-actions. It takes a strong woman, married to a 'man of god', to expose the ungodly activity(ies) in their marriage. If not, then it becomes 'too late' when the woman acts which leads to separation/divorce.
    Many wives of pastors live in abusive marriages and do not speak up bcos they are either intimidated or they do not want to destroy their husband's ministry! By so doing the congregation is kept in bondage unknowingly.
    Should Anita have spoken up earlier; would that have saved her marriage? Was she selfish in her timing of filing for divorce - at least now the kids are grown and she has legitimate rights to live in the UK? Would she still be carrying the title of a pastor or she would use her experience for the good of women going through similar challenges? And pastor Chris - would he continue to live in denial that this does not affect his faith?
    In all these, God is the judge!

    1. Johnson2/20/2016

      ..., and most importantly let's pray for them. The door is not closed yet bcos God is definitely not involved in this divorce, or any divorce for that matter.
      Also, if u are a believer, pray for your pastors... this is part of the devil's strategy to pull down the church - ekwensu will not succeed, IJMN.

  4. Anonymous2/20/2016

    Hi ladies, I am Gerald by name, I'm like, 30yrs, single. AA O+,I am a Psychologist and a Christian.
    I am a smart, young and vibrant young man, fun to be with.I need a responsible Nigerian lady of any age for marriage or friendship with good character. Do treat as urgent.
    kind regards,


    1. Brandy2/20/2016

      Like seriously?

    2. Anonymous2/20/2016

      Mr Gerald. don't derail this important post. This is not the title for toasting woman can't you see?

  5. Hahaha abeg leave Gerald o. E dey find wife. Lol. Back to the post.. wat a pity. God help marriages,cos d devil is in d biz of destroying it.


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