Pampers Baby-Dry Review

 So, I got loads of pampers baby dry to use on Chairman and share my experience with other moms.  What I put down here is my personal touch with pampers. My baby will soon be 2 by God's grace, and, since birth, I have tried over 5 different brands of diapers on him so, in this department?  I can type authoritatively.

I hope to help other parents make smart choices when it comes to diapers.  On my baby, pampers baby dry  is smaller and less bulky than some bands that I have used. It sees my baby right through the night. Below is the diaper he wore at 6PM, slept all through the
night and here is him at 7am the next day getting ready for school. The diaper still looks like he has just worn it. That's not to say that it looks really beautiful. When I opened the first pack and saw the 9 diapers in there, I wasn't impressed, they didn't look bright. If that was paper, I would have thought it is photocopy. I think something can be done to make the colours look brighter on a baby. Aside that dull look, it delivered. Pampers baby dry gave my son upto 13 hour skin protection. He woke up without rashes. There are brands I left on him all through the night and he woke up with rashes.  It's so thin and easy to pack and carry around when we go out. The waistband easily went round his waist, did not feel tight at all.

Another good thing is the length of pampers baby dry. You can continue to pull and tie it right up close to baby novel for babies that easily develop rashes when anything elastic stays on their bums. The length also allows to pull it high and prevent bulk escaping. It absorbs very well, however,  at one time he pooped and it bursted out, I don't know maybe it was too much or he wasn't properly wrapped but that happens occasionally with diapers Or, perhaps, the tabs could not handle the weight.

 After 13 hours sleep.

A good diaper should be able to cope with a reasonalble amount of wetness and that's what I have seen with pampers baby dry. My baby wore this at 6pm, went to bed, woke up at 7am and this is how it looked, no leakage.
Front view after  13 hours.

Like I said earlier, it didn't look really attractive to me when opened, however, Pampers baby dry is very absorbent, carries all through the night even though poop might leak if not securely wrapped. Can I recommend it to my readers? Yes I can.


  1. Pampers is like the best diaper for babies here in Nigeria. It's not too bulky and it doesn't cause rashes. However, there are lots of fakes in the market now and those ones cause rashes.

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  2. Pampers and Huggies are my two best even though Huggies is bigger and longer...jina is using size five now and it really last and its safe cause she reacts to other diapers....

  3. My only problem with pamper is when my baby(3 months) poos it will leak out immdiately. Maybe better on older babies

  4. Nice post.....

  5. Your review is good. There are so many fakes pampers in the market. I hope the Company can work on this in the nearest future.

  6. Anonymous6/03/2016

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