My WIFE Makes Fun Of My Body. It Upsets Me

 Good morning madam Eya and my wonderful wives connection family. Am a guy who loves what is happening on the blog. As a guy, I  can generally make fun of myself. 
However, I have a couple of insecurities about my body. My wife makes fun of both of them daily. Her comments are funny and are not meant to hurt me. But I don't like it. She does it in front of our children and they began doing the same cos they don't think it's not ok. For kids that age, if mummy calls daddy "Mr short legs" then it's fine to call him that.. An example of what is happening would be, she hugging me, then sliding her hands down my back, pass my but to my legs while
saying: "back, no-butt, legs" or "where did butt go?". Come to think of it, as a man, am I 
supposed to have a fat back side like kilimanjaro? I used to laugh with her before, but it has 
always been unpleasant to hear that. When she did it in front of her cousin and his wife, her mother, and of course our children,  it began bothering me more.
When my to kids began doing the same, it made me angry. I perceived it as being disrespectful and condescending. She also laughs at my pot belly when I gained some weight. I mean, she points her finger at it and laughed hysterically whenever we are around 
people. I explained that I did not like it and asked her not to make fun of my body, especially things that I don't like about myself. Unfortunately, jokes about my flat bum and body hair never stops. Am I overreacting?
I would never do it to her. I don't understand why she does not have "common sense" to know that it's not OK and why she does not quit after I asked. I understand that it is usually women's issue. Why does it bother me, a guy? How do I stop it? My wife's character is becoming more and more annoying as the days go by, how do I make her understand that 

this is serious for me?


  1. Johnson2/24/2016

    Brossssssss - Sure u married a warri babe!
    They say it is not manly to be overly sensitive, which I think u are. Talk to your bae - she's just trying to be funny & does not know where to draw the line. Abi u no get 'serious looks'? I think every man have their 'serious look' that even kids know - if don't, u get to retaliate. Tell madam something wey go pain am so that una go settle quarrel. But sha, no over do am, make things no spoil.

  2. This man is too petty for my liking. That's why madam is making fun of you.

  3. Hahahahaha lemme just laugh.

  4. For her to be making fun of you in the presence of her cousin and his wife is wrong. Jokes should have boundaries and the fact that you have exoressed your concern over the comments should be enough for her to stop. She knew you had a flat bum before marrying you so she should stop making jest of you. You have to seriously warn her.

    1. Thank u! I dislike insensitive pple. Not even when u hv made it clear u ain't comfy wt such remarks. I think u need t b stern in cautioning her n I mean wt a straight face. Pple shld learn t make jokes wt limits.

  5. Oga!you are justified to be hurt!men have emotions to n we shouldn't expect them 2 evaporate into thin air!unresolved emotions cause reactions!Question is,did u tell her u didn't like is seriously or jokingly!sit her down n have a serious conversation!plus ur pot belly,myt be her way of say she doesn't like it n u should take care of it!if reversed is d case,u wouldn't even dare keep mentioning it or she flips! And yes,she is absolutely disrespect and degrading esp doing it in public! She is opening a window for others to disrespect you!children follow by example n trust me,de won't stop at ur example,they always push the envelope! Make she borrow brain abeg put her acts together n start behaving like a wife n mother!as a private joke maybe OK but even then,wen u say dont,she should stop!we expect that from our husbands why can't they expect it from us? There are underlying consequences dat we just don't seem 2 realize!

  6. Oga Poster I understand you very well, you are the type words affect. My husband does same to me, and I never find it funny. Till I decided tell him exactly how I feel, he was surprised I made reference to conservations that even happen 6 years ago. He apologized and then tries not to make such comment. So seriously warn her not to do such as you don't like it.

  7. Anonymous2/25/2016

    Don't bother warning her again, you too start making fun of her in front of people, she will get the gist and stop her bad behaviour.

  8. If your wife makes jest of your body parts infront of friends, relatives and even the children, it means she has thrown the doors open for others to make jest of you. I advice that you firmly tell her to stop it raising instances of some instances that happened in the past just as you mentioned in your narrative. It is well.

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  9. Na wa,this one na nagging man mtchew

  10. Lol!
    This post made me laugh so hard- and I guess that's your wife's issue- she thinks it's funny and that you will come round to see it as a joke but it's really not.
    I can tell this is really annoying you so you have to let your wife know that her actions are really hurting your feelings and that IT IS NOT FUNNY!
    It doesn't matter if she sees it as funny, you don't and it's your body we are talking about here, things and parts you feel insecure about- she has to stop and YOU have to communicate this correctly.


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