In January Google Didn't Know Olajumoke Orisaguna. In February, The White Man Can Say Her Name

Olajumoke Orisaguna
From her "village," she moved to the city
Not to sell her virtue and body for mammon
But to work hard and with all the hard-work,
It was only a profit of $1 a day

It was challenging, with a baby and far away husband
She persevered, she kept walking and hawking
With the tray of bread balanced on her head
She sought for her daily bread

Everything she needed to make it is with her
But she needed a "TY Bello"
And chances are that they would never meet
For It is not likely "TY Bello" eats that kind of "bread"

But providence and favour collided
And she walked into a photo shoot
And the photo went viral with "favourable" comments
May you meet your helper of destiny!

And they sought for her
And sent for her
And she was found
And the rest is not just history but historic

Probably you will believe now the Holy Writ that says
When the Lord turned again the captivity of Olajumoke Orisaguna
We were like them that dream...

Then was our mouth with filled laughter
And our tongue with singing...
For I can bet that her husband would have danced
In the new apartment without drums...

Some scriptures sound unbelievable
But now you can relate when God says
He will lift you from the dunghill and cause you to sit with the princes!

That is one story
It can be replicated, not exact copy and paste
But the same God over all is rich unto all

May favour locate you today
May you be transported from lack to much
May they fight and rush to bless you
May your name be heard throughout the world

Don't forget.
She didn't have to sleep with anybody
She didn't have to compromise her virtue
She didn't have to soil her conscience
She only needed to keep trying
Until Mercy found her

Few days back, Google does not know "Orisaguna"
But today...the white man is forced to pronounce that name!

She could not even speak one line of English Langauge
So it is not about your phonetics
It is about the help of God
You can speak all the phonetics in this world
But if you lack help, you are on your own!

God does not call the qualified
He qualifies the called!

It doesn't matter where you are, what you know or who you don't know
As long as you know your creator
it is a matter of time...

May you see help
May divinity smile upon your humanity...
May you receive help that only God can give!

A free luxury house in a plush area
A free school on Language development with Poise
An exposure like never before
I bet some SUV, wonder on wheels will soon follow...
All for this village girl, bread seller...
But that was then!

May the MERCY of God find you!
May His grace locate you!
May favour climb upon your labour!

Funmi Awolomo, SAN


  1. Which one come be white man is forced to say her name? Is white man God?Nigeria and inferiority complex

  2. Anonymous2/22/2016

    Ask dem oo. White man be god? .we are all happy and proud of jumoke. And pray DAT that God will shower his blessings on each and every one of us in our own individual ways.God please finish what u have started for olajumoke life in Jesus name


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