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100% Pure & Shea Butter is an all-natural vitamin A cream. Shea Butter has shown to be a superb moisturizer, with exceptional healing properties for the skin.
We now have a growing list of skin conditions where 100% Premium Shea Butter has been shown to be effective.
Shea Butter has many useful properties and has been traditionally used as a decongestant, an anti inflammatory for sprains and arthritis, a healing salve for babies’ umbilical cords, a lotion for hair and skin care, as cooking oil, and for lamp fuel.
However, the protective and emollient properties of shea butter are most valued for skin care.
In Nigeria, Shea Butter is applied to the skin and hair as a moisturizer and is also a main ingredient in traditional black soaps.
Vitamin A in Shea Butter is important for improving a number of
skins conditions, including blemishes, wrinkles, eczema, and dermatitis.
Additionally, premium Shea butter cream has properties that treat skin allergies, insect bites, sunburns, frostbites, and a number of other conditions of the skin. Shea Butter’s unparalleled moisturizing property is due to several natural moisturizers present in the cream. The moisturizers in Shea Butter are the same moisturizers produced by the sebaceous glands in skin.


Refined & Unrefined Shea Butter- The difference:
Only pure, unrefined Shea butter has the true healing and moisturizing properties of Shea butter.
Most Shea butter available to the general public is white and odorless, in other words it has been “refined” to remove the natural scent and color of natural Shea butter. In the process, the majority of the effective agents are also removed.
In addition, refined Shea butter has usually been extracted from the Shea kernels with hexane or other petroleum solvents. The extracted oil is boiled to drive off the toxic solvents, and then refined, bleached, and deodorized, which involves heating it to over 400 Degrees Fahrenheit and the use of harsh chemicals, such as sodium hydroxide. Shea Butter extracted in this manner still contains some undesirable solvent residues, and its healing values are significantly reduced.
The end result is an odorless, white butter that may be aesthetically appealing, but lacks the true moisturizing, healing, and nutritive properties of true traditional Shea butter.
In addition, refined Shea butter is often hard and grainy, not smooth and creamy like pure, unrefined Shea butter.
All that can be said for refined Shea butter is that it has an extended shelf life, a white, uniform color, and no odor.
Only high quality premium Shea Butter can offer the health benefits mentioned above.
Once Shea Butter is aged or loses its natural integrity, many of these wonderful benefits are lost. However, Shea Butter that has lost its natural integrity, (i.e degraded Shea butter), retains its moisturizing effectiveness. We now know that poor quality Shea butter is ineffective in healing many of the skin conditions.
The most significant factors responsible for variations in Shea Butter quality are the multitude of methods used to prepare Shea Butter (lack of a uniform procedure for preparation), and the environmental conditions the butter is exposed to after preparation. In conclusion, the quality of Shea Butter may range from excellent to very poor. Shea Butter of excellent quality may be used to treat a number of skin conditions, and serve as an excellent moisturizer as well. On the other hand, poor quality Shea Butter is good only for moisturizing purposes.


Unrefined Shea butter contains an abundance of healing ingredients, including vitamins, minerals, proteins and a unique fatty acid profile, and is a superior active moisturizer.
Unlike petroleum based moisturizers, Shea butter actually restores the skin’s natural elasticity.
Shea butter actually enables your skin to absorb moisture from the air, and as a result, it becomes softer and stays moisturized for longer.
In addition Shea butter has natural sunscreen properties and anti-inflammatory agents. Because of its amazing properties, Shea butter is an excellent ingredient for soaps, lotions and creams. Perhaps it is most effective when applied to the skin in its pure state.
Regular users of pure, unrefined Shea butter notice softer, smoother, healthier skin. Shea butter has also been shown to help with skin conditions and ailments such as extreme dryness, eczema, dermatitis, skin allergies, fungal infections, blemishes, wrinkles, stretch marks, scars, scrapes, and more. It is because of these unique healing properties that the Shea tree got its name, the karate tree, which means the TREE OF LIFE.
 Pure unrefined shea butter.
Picture showing typical Ivory colored Unrefined Shea butter
Picture showing typical Cream colored Unrefined Shea butter
 Cream colored unrefined shea butter.
Shea Butter, the multi-purpose all natural vitamin A skin cream, is derived from the seed of the shea tree. The cream is extracted and prepared without the use of chemicals. The best Shea Butter for skin use is prepared by cold press methods without use of added chemicals or preservative.
Shea Butter substitutes are not likely to give you the results mentioned in this article. At room temperature, premium Shea butter is a soft uniformly beige colored creamy solid that readily melts in the hands is quickly absorbed by the skin.
When left in a hot room or near a heat source, Shea butter will readily melt just as any other butter. At room temperature, using a butter knife, premium Shea butter spreads very nicely as soft butter pr margarine does. Shea Butter is not green, gray, dark brown or white.
Shea Butters with these colors are modified substitutes sometimes bearing the name 100% Shea Butter.
Furthermore, pure, natural Shea Butter has a characteristics smell. Once you smell pure natural Shea Butter, you will always know the smell. In fact, some first time users of Shea Butter occasionally say the smell of Shea Butter is not the most attractive smell.
However, after 10 or 20 minutes on the body the butter has no smell.
Unaltered Shea Butter does not have cologne or perfume fragrance. If your Shea Butter does not have the characteristic smell, color and does not spread like butter, it is probably not a good quality Shea Butter.
Simply, Pure Premium High Quality All Natural Shea Butter.

Everyone! Every household should have a jar of SHEAMAPO ORGANICS Shea Butter, either among the beauty supplies for soft smooth better looking skin, or in the medicine cabinet for minor skin injuries around the house.
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