Foreign Soap Operas Destroying Our Ladies Emotionally. Example; Telemundo. Tis True?

"There are two kinds of books; those that build you, help you grow and put you on course, and there are those that will destroy you, not because they are fetish but because they fail to follow realities." - Anonymous 

I have witnessed the effects of some of the movies we as Nigerians take delight in and I can say that they are unhealthy for our lives, emotional wise. 

For those who remember "Cuando Seas Mia" (When you're mine), being one of the very few first Spanish-Mexican movies that graced our Television set several years ago. Its effect on
the average mind was not just of love and admiration but something more devastating beyond running to a neighbour's house to watch when there was power outage. Unfortunately, more of these soaps flooded our screens for no cost and then we thought it was a blessing. 

"When you're mine" was my first and my last. Even as a young man, I became squishy and sentimental and would act like I was some love-hungry fellow whose appetite for "True Love" was insatiable. The Utopian Love the soap preached seemed to have started and ended with the movie and could not be found in the real world, our world. 

I have seen in some cases where most ladies try to induct their love life with the practices of these "perfect" movies and soaps and the result? Epic fail. Poor ladies! Some dedicate days, some weeks venting their anger on the "insensitivity" of their man and how he does not know and appreciate what true love is. 

Korean season love movies, Philippines, Indian soaps, as well as Brazilian season love movies have terribly affected many, particularly our female folks. To some of them, there is love and there is TRUE LOVE. I can tell whether a man or a woman is a product Telemundo and co. upon hearing the words "True Love".

Unfortunately for most ladies, they don't realize that these soaps follow a linear plot, whether Korean or Mexican; a boy and a girl fall in love but an obstacle stays in the way of their love. It's either a wife who is forced on the poor guy or an estranged wife who refused to divorce him for selfish reasons OR an unfortunate young girl finds love in the arms of the master and it takes the young, rich, handsome dude three seasons of the movie to notice the love and another two seasons to get her to look his way. 

Regardless, these soaps fail to focus on every day lives and some life's issues that could make relationships tiring at times. They fail to tell how difficult it can be with MTN's airtime sapping technique and how difficult it could take me to put a call through when I'm battling to ward off the sun from melting my brain. Rather, it's about a quest to finding the ultimate - TRUE LOVE. Newsflash, THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS TRUE LOVE! LOVE IS LOVE. If it's sole purpose is to use or take advantage of, then it was never love. 

The height of deceits are usually the types of "Strong Love" these people preach but our ladies don't seem to get this. They love to apply abstractions into becoming realities. These soaps cum movies have a way of blinding one's eyes to seeing harsh realities. It is unfair to equate one's relationship with the ones projected in these films. Way unfair! 

There are pressing issues in between relationships, which mostly involve keeping heart and soul together. A man cannot dedicate every minute of his life carrying "True Love" on his head like one would do Afro.

Dear ladies, no one is asking you not to watch what you love or what makes you tick. Where the problem lies is comparing Diego and Paloma's love to yours and that of your man. It's a disaster waiting to happen. What is acted in films should stay in films. They're not worth losing your relationships over.

Culled: Nairaland

So, Telemundo, mexican soap operas, other foreign soap operas affection our ladies negatively since "when you are mine". Any personal experience to share?

Do you agree that Telemundo is changing the ladies?


  1. Me I only watch them to entertain myself, infact am a movie freak.
    But I can't begin to compare weSterners to nigerians . Love iS love Shaa but eh ...

  2. Writer,re u saying thr is no "true love" except in soap operas? Or the fact that these programs affect d women folk negatively? I'm wondering if thr were no romantic movies before d advent of Mexican/Philippian movies? Everyone loves d movies "pretty woman" n I remember how it portrayed true love so what exactly is ur point? Movies re meant to to impact u positively or otherwise depending on ur sense of reasoning! To me,ladies who emphasize on looking for "true love" must hv been dealt a bad blow on d word love hence thr emphasis. Everyone has a choice on d kinda love they want players out in thr relatnships so poster,may be u shld tell ur woman u ain't comfy wt her telemundo love n yes,I watch telemundo.

    1. Anonymous2/25/2016

      They teach our women to cheat, to have extra marital affairs like it's a normal thing. They basically destroy softness in our women. Fakeness and so much deception and infidelity like no tomorrow.

    2. Anonymous2/25/2016

      This one is not true one bit, watching any soap opera on TV is for entertainment anybody that acts out what they watch is truly not mature. i watch Telemundo and its strictly for entertainment, before the advent of telemundo and the likes i grew up reading a lot of fictional novels where true love is idolized but that didn't stop me from differentiating fiction and reality, so please don't generalize

  3. Bennie2/25/2016

    Poster is right. I stopped watching because they led me into cheating on my husband. There is one that showed after Diego and paloma, it was soooo baaaad. It corrupted me so much I could not pray any nmore and had to call it quits. Most women burn food while watching them and yet see nothing wrong with the addiction.

  4. with due respect I don't agree with you, I have watched soap operas from the days of NO ONE BUT YOU to THE RICH ALSO CRY down to zee world now, I don't think it has had any negative impact on me, maybe because I have a very independent mind.

    1. Anonymous2/25/2016

      Thank you my sister, i wonder why a grown adult will be influenced by a soap opera on TV when you are not a teenager with raging hormones, na wa o!

  5. Lol not a fan of Soaps, my sisters can be so annoying when watching some episodes.

    . ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA LUMIA

  6. I watch telemundo but it does not have any negative influence on me. Its purely for entertainment because they are scripted and can never equate real life experience.

  7. Well, there should be check and balances. Too much of everything is bad. Watch with care.


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