Coconut Moi Moi Recipe To Cook Over The Weekend

Coconut moi moi is the most delicious moi moi I ever tasted. Cooked with coconut milk in place of water. When you taste my coconut moi moi, you won't want to cook moi moi any other way. What happened here. I planned this meal at the wrong time and didn't have the strength to skin the beans, so, you know what beans skin ( black eyed beans) does to moi moi? It turns your delicious moi moi brown although the yummy taste is not affected. My coconut moi moi turned brown and I didn't want to post until I cook another set but that may take long. Let's manage with this, it's well.
 This is the last set of snapping I DID FOR THIS MOI MOI CUZ THE COLOUR WORWOR ABEG. I served without taking pics even though I know this should be the healthiest form of moi moi
as beans fibre is not removed. Please wrap in leaves when you cook, do not use this my cellophane bags I beg you, na condition make me use this bags.
Someone please help us food lovers, cook some coconut moi moi and share tantalising pictures with us so I can post.  I take everything beg us, Abeg sisters! When you cook coconut moi moi, use vegetable oil with tatashe, allow palm oil rest and relax and sleep for once. 

  1. Beans
  2. Enough onions
  3. coconut milk, I used canned coconut milk, you can get EMMA coconut powder and mix water before adding to the ground beans.
  4. tatashe
  5. fresh pepper
  6. corned beef (optional)
  7. Boiled egg (optional)
  8. salt
  9. seasoning
  10. Go here for cooking procedure
If you do not have time to skin the beans, then use brown beans instead.

This corned beef didn't scatter at all. looked inviting in the moi moi but colour just take style spoil the show for me.

Pouring coconut milk to ground beans.

See the beans? washed without skinning.
So, after posting this coconut  moi moi, I felt like no one was going to try it because of the dark colour caused by beans skin, I cooked another  coconut milk moi moi without beans skin and posted. See the pics of that one below and you can go here to view it.


  1. Anonymous2/05/2016

    Nice one! I will try it! But I noticed u didn't bother adding oil to d Moi Moi, is it cos coconut already has oil?

  2. I did add oil, that pic didn't upload. Add oil before you add the coconut milk. Please Anon don't forget to send us pics oh. You'll like the moi moi. Tatashe will give you that bright moi moi colour

  3. I made moi moi last weekend & I purged for more than 24hours!i think the engine caused it.At a time,I was thinking its Lassa fever!i will try this when I recover from the water I lost.Well done Anty Eya

  4. Woww I love the coconut water addition but am thinking how many coconut I will break coS I want to cook moi moi/coconut water, definitely I muSt cook it. It will be yummy plus I love moi moi

  5. one or two cans of coconut milk should be ok. Just same quantity as the water you would have added

  6. @ Mrs Anonymous, sorry about the running stomach.if moi moi is not well cooked, i.e if not done, it purges o. Might not be the engine, did you leave to boil for long and check for doneness before turning off the heat?

  7. I tried it but with whole coconut instead of just the milk n it turned out to be the best moimoi I hv ever tasted


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