Can We Cook This Yam With Vegetable Egg Sauce Weekend?

 It's posted on the blog already. This yam and egg sauce with some vegetable twist is an old post. I made this one last weekend, enjoyed it so much I just have to remind us to try this again. Recipe for yam and vegetable egg sauce.  Even if you don't like this meal, just click on the link to see my old pots when I started blogging. It took serious bashing and yabbis for me to change pots o. After one commenter finished me with jik and bleach together, I had to quickly rush to the market and upgrade my pots, now I'm the one enjoying a stainless steel kitchen. 

I can't type much abeg. This weather has hit me down nor be small. Both me and my baby. No malaria, no typhoid yet we get bacterial infection that makes me cough dry cough like pussy cat, my body hot like oven. Anyways, I'm off to lie down o. I'll try to update later. My baby couldn't even go to school today, his temperature could have burnt other class mates. I'm napping already, later dear.


  1. Eya, that vegetable egg sauce looks delicious. I have never made anything like that so I'll have that on my bucket list. I'm obsessed with cleaning my kitchen- didn't know about the jik and bleach though. I recently did a kitchen makeover which I shared on my blog. I wish a very quick recovery to your son. I'll be praying for him. Have a blessed weekend!
    Precious Core Blog

  2. Awww this is nice. I love yam. it is one of my favorite food. Lol @ his temperature could have burn other class mates. He will be fine kisses to him

  3. i so love yam but mostly with egg sauce. but will try this out...

  4. Thanks for this post. The weather is really affecting everyone. Please get well soon.

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