Can A Cheater Change?

 Hello friends on wives connection,  and Anty Eya, I'm  not really sure how to go about this but I need some advice.. I've been with my fiance for almost two years and our relationship has been great! Or so I thought... I've found out that he's been having a flirty text relationship with girl he used to know back at school and last month while we were having a bad patch he admitted he was weak and they met up and one thing led to
another . I left him, but shortly after I ended it I found out I was expecting a little one and he vowed that he would never do it again and that he regrets it and the reason he told me was because he wanted to come clean and start fresh.

 He has cut off all contacts with her and has destroyed that siM card so she has no way of contacting him. Ever since I found out about the baby he has been brilliant and we've gone back to how we used to be.

 Sadly a few days ago I suffered a miscarriage which has completely broken both of us and he vowed never to hurt me again and that he wants to be there for me and make things work. I love him with all my heart and I really want to try and make our relationship work but all I hear in my head is, "once a cheat always a cheat". Can people really change? Has anyone ever experienced any success after cheating? Please advise. 


  1. My dear, for your own good no man is infallible. You just have to hope for the best while you pray for him too. It's God that can change the heart of man.
    you need not spend so much time monitoring if he cheats or not, try be optimistic and stay positive.

    . ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA LUMIA

    1. Lol @ "no man is infallible". Bonario you have changed from nokia 3310 to lumia.

      Aunty Eya where did everyone go: mama ijebu, Deborah Bala, Myne Whitman, Ace Bentley, Rubynnia, Chikadimples, Chubby Ella, LNC, Shayor, sister, queen of the coast, ezewanyi, mama nnoku.

  2. Anonymous2/12/2016

    unfortunately its only time that can tell

  3. Anonymous2/12/2016

    Anty Eya please o give bonario d 5k! Let his efforts not be in vain

    1. Happy wife2/12/2016

      Who is this Anon jor? Johnson and Brandybless have won the 10k airtime hands down so give away and btw, here is not the voting post. Park well.

    2. Haba Happy wife take am easy now. Anon was just trying encourage Bona to resume in full. I have also missed his contributions on this blog too.Bona hope you are not going away again o.

  4. Anonymous2/12/2016

    Bona of life, this is home you know. After all the toiling and prodigos, we come here to relax :)

    Billie Jean

  5. man can change by his own will. Remember that the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. If you are really sure you want to stay with him and that you love him, then pray for him always to be able to resist temptation and you'll see along the run, he'll stop.

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  6. Apart from no man is perfect. My own is no human is perfect. We are not in the world to learn perfection. Nothing is ever perfect.

  7. Anonymous2/13/2016

    You both have to surrender your lives to Christ. In him you find deliverance and complete healing.


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