Best Nigerian City To Live And Raise A Family. Lagos Or Abuja?

 Abuja at night.
The last time I visited Lagos was to attend a wedding, have never lived there but have read, watched on TV and heard a lot about Lagos life and traffic. To be honest, I love Abuja. I read somewhere, the writer gave 10 reasons why Lagos is better than Abuja and I couldn't agree with that article. To me, Abuja it is.
Ok, let's hear your honest answer please. Which of these two Nigerian cities would you like to live, to raise your kids?

 Lagos in the morning.


  1. Chinyere Ebere2/21/2016

    My Lagos is bae, any day, Anytime. I was born, bread, buttered and sandwiched in Lagos. But come Eya, I can see that you are biased. Just compare the pictures first.

  2. Johnson2/21/2016

    Abuja is definitely saner a place compared to Lagos… But I do not see the link in how these affect raising children, which is a totally different subject. I was born/bread/buttered in Lagos, studied in Benin, now live in PHC and have visited Abuja a couple of times – the dynamics are all totally different for a young man/woman. Raising children requires parental knowledge (+ God help) more than having a serene environment.

  3. Mbok ABUJA ABUJA n ABUJA. Can't imagine leaving here mehn. Oh yeah was born here and wish to remain here. Anytime erm in lagos All I do is hiss, complain n complain. ABUJA 100%.

  4. Anonymous2/21/2016

    Which booooorrrrrrring Abuja. I tried to live there but moved back to Lagos after just one year. Lagos is the best city to raise kids. They learn to be smart and sharp, they learn survival tips anywhere. Kids brought in Lagos can survive anywhere in the world.

  5. Up Lagos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Thank God am not planning to raise children I will send to Sudan or Afghanistan.

  7. I was bread/buttered/mayonnaise/sandwiched in lagos, schooled in Enugu, lived for a while in PH, worked for a while in kano, visited Ibadan, now in Abj...Mbok Abuja is the isssssssssh!

    Lagos life reduces the life span of its inhabitants indirectly...this I always tell my family.

  8. Even as environment matters attimes. I feel you can raise your children to be what you want them to be. The fact that they are in lag doesn't mean they wld be touts or rogues and the fact that they are in abj doesn't mean they would be Godly and decent children.With God's help you would raise good and welll mannered children irrespective of the environment

  9. Amakandidi2/21/2016

    Lagos can reduce your lifespan by half plllllllllllis.

    1. Amakandidi2/21/2016

      Lagos traffic stress is punishment to the people by the people for the people.

  10. It's neither Lagos nor Abj. Try Enugu.

  11. ABJ all dddd waaayyyyy,am inlove with that city

  12. Interesting comments! Very insightful!
    Unfortunately I have no contributions...

  13. ABJ all day every day!!

  14. I was born in Bauchi but spent over 15 years in Lagos, now based in Abuja. I agree that their is no place like Lagos but Abuja is better to me in terms of less traffic, fun places for kids.

  15. Phew! Got the news on my birthday that my new work schedule will have me moving to Lagos,I feel somewhat depressed, cant imagine leaving Abuja after growing up here.
    I pray Lagos will be fair to me.

    . ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA LUMIA

  16. Congratulation Bonario. Have a safe trip and don't worry, every blessing Lagos has for you will be delivered to you.


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