Appreciation: I'll Give It A Try

Aunty Eya may God please bless you for me and every other women out there that you have directly and indirectly helped in curbing their  marriage issues.

My husband is yet to be convinced about the drugs,though I've made a call to the agency,he told me to send him the result of my Xray through whatsApp,I think I'll  give it a try.

 my thanks also go to Johnson, may God bless him and Brandybless William for her great prescription, others too who commented on my matter.Thank God for using you and your media for this great work.may God dust us who are trying to conceive with children this year In Jesus Name.
once again a billions thanks.


  1. You always welcome. All the best there.

  2. Amakandidi2/19/2016

    My prayers are with you poster. God will answer us this year. IJN

  3. Anonymous2/20/2016

    Aunty eya please don't know how to send this but please try to understand me. Am a mother of three girls trying to plan for a boy. So i started this follicular tracking to know when i will ovulate, after the first try with HCg to time the intercourse i didnt get preg. Started another virginal scan again only to be told i ve polycystic ovarian disease that my eggs are all same size and not mature for ovulation. Thou my gyna resent me for another scan but am so confuse. Just crying. Please can someone help.


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