Video: Finally, My Chairman Goes To School. First Day Of School

I know that school will make him stop Licking Ketchup like this. Congrats boy.
The Lord has done it again. This week has been a bit different for me. After all the begging and yummy soups, hubby has agreed that my Chairman starts school, until last week, he still insisted that the boy has to be three and be able to talk clearly before going to any school. HALLELUJAH SOMEBODY! I'm so happy for me and for the blog. Okay, Monday was his first day at school and I couldn't wait to share with you guys, surprisingly, he didn't
fight at all. He was so excited about going to school. I thought he'd resist after all these long weeks with mummy (He'll be 2 in March).  I am so happy and please be happy for me. Yesterday I hadmy nails professionally polished oh, got a pedicure to celebrate my "ME ALONE" time.
 Enjoying my long overdue pedicure without baby pulling and crying.

I'm Trying to upload the video here but it's giving me popcorn headache. We must watch it anywhere. See it posted here on Facebook


  1. Congrats may he be an excellent student and make you proud

  2. victoria O1/13/2016

    congratulation. one of the joy of a mother is to make sure her child is educated. #mumknowsbest

  3. Heyyyyy.... Enough free time for u. Congrats our chairman

  4. Anonymous1/13/2016

    He is so grown!

  5. Bless him.....he is sooooo grown.

  6. awwwww enjoy the alone time mami, our chairman more wisdom and speedy learning for you in Jesus name.

  7. Anonymous1/15/2016

    Hmmmm. Me am pleading with hubby that once my girl is 2yrs in may she will start. Lolz. Men they feel is waste of money.


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