The Things We See Today, Won't Even Dare In The Days Of Elijah! Gunmen kidnap Redeemed Church pastor during service in Kogi, demand N50m ransom

Has God truly gone farther away from this planet because of sins and filth? In the days of old, honestly, fire will rain down as soon as these kidnappers step foot on the pulpit.  Is that God has become more loving and enduring than he used to be. You know when we read stories like this. I begin to prefer that instant action, that thunder and fire judgement we read from scriptures. 

People should fear what might happen if they try to commit crimes in CHURCH but No, whatever criminals can do outside,  they carry to church and are able to execute whatever without fear. The number of curses raining on them right now? Uncountable.  Will any ill supernaturally befall them to scare others who try committing crimes on sacred grounds? I don't know... However, in my mind's eye, I can see the man of God commanding fire and paralysis on those kidnappers and I see them frozen into pillars of salt. I wish.
A senior Pastor with the The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) in Lokoja, Kogi State, Pastor Ayo Funsho, was kidnapped by some unidentified
gunmen while he was preaching in his Parish, the Resurrection Parish, on Sunday January 12th. According to Tribune, the armed men stormed the church and started shooting sporadically, causing pandemonium in the church.
The armed men then went straight to the pulpit where they took the pastor, placed him in their vehicle and left. The abductors then contacted his family demanding a ransom of N50 million.

However, the Kogi State command of the Nigeria Police said it was not aware of the incident as the matter has not being reported to them.


  1. Bennie1/13/2016

    My husband keeps saying that God is tired of the wickedness of man and doesn't care much now. imagine gays bisexuals, polygamists, ritualists, yahoo yahoo, 419ers etc eta, all in this planet. If you were God, will you still look this way for a second?


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