Super Delicious Chicken Vegetable Sauce Cooked With Knorr Gravy

This should be your go to gravy anytime, anyday, very simple always available ingredients.
 There are times I want to make this sauce and cannot find the knorr thickener, what I do to get the exact same delicious taste is use flour to thicken and add more beef seasoning cubes. That's
easy. There's not much difference between this gravy and other extra delicious Gravy recipes posted on the blog, I decided to share this since all the others were thickened with flour but this. I used the knorr gravy powder here and it turned out super delicious. I loved it and sharing for anyone that would love to try. If you can't cook this, try other gravy recipes HERE

  1. Onion
  2. Boiled chicken, then deboned myself
  3. Vegetable oil
  4. carrots
  5. cabbage
  6. knorr gravy

  7.  Cabbage is large, I used just 3 cabbage leaves with this pack of carrots, washed, cleaned and diced

  8. seasoning cubes
I used one sachet of this knorr gravy for the pot. Got the knorr gravy at Shoprite, there are so many but I just felt this one will taste great and picked it. Meant to be poured on roast meat before serving but I used it my way and I love it.

 250ml boiling water added and stirred, gave this quantity thickener

  1. First I boiled half a kilo chicken with just salt and onion until good enough for a bite. 
  2. While chicken cooks, I chop the cabbage,  carrots and onion. Couldn't wait for chicken to cool before chopping so I used a fork and kitchen knife to pick from the stock and cut in pieces keeping the bones aside. The instructions on the knorr gravy says to mix with boiling water, that's what I did and the powder immediately turned to brown.
  3. The chopped vegetables are sautéed in oil with pepper and seasoning cubes. Continued stirring until I noticed the cabbage wilted and onion turned translucent before adding the chicken stock and gravy, and checking for taste. I added no salt, with the seasoning cubes and gravy, taste is perfect for me. 
  4. The chopped chicken came in last because I  don't  like overcooked chicken. 

Served hot and enjoyed with a very tall sweaty glass of chill water. Please try it and if you can, share pics with us oh. Some slow to load pics do not know that I can no longer wait. With this explanation, we should be able to cook this.                 Happy Sunday fam.

 So delicious I can lick all before rice is  cooked.

yummy scoop

Served with boiled rice. My presentation sha, there's room for improvement.. Give this to one guru now and see the "out of this world" food  presentation that will make readers lick their screens, lol

 Boiled half a kilo soft chicken, deboned, chopped and added to cooked vegetables. More Pics are still uploading so, you'll see when I added the chicken to gravy.


  1. This fonts are giving me popcorn headache oh. Trying to increase and they just keep reverting back to tiny fonts. Sorry.

  2. Looks super delicious. Can't wait for d whole pix n cooking procedure to download. God bless aunty Eya

  3. Looks super delicious. Can't wait for d whole pix n cooking procedure to download. God bless aunty Eya

  4. Making this on sunday *salivating*.

  5. Thank you so much for this recipe

  6. Zeezee2/10/2016

    Can you make this with fish?

    1. Yes Zeezee you can but the fish might crumble completely while stirring unless it's fried fish. Fry it dry before deboning and shredding.

  7. Looks yummy indeed. Will definitely give it a trial soon

  8. Anonymous4/01/2016

    please is that know gravy not maggi cubes? if yes is one sachet not too much for a pot of food.

    1. Haba nah, knorr gravy isn't the same thing as knorr Maggi. Both are two different things. You can look it up via Google.


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