Question for moms and Dads Only

Honest Answer oh:

Do you really love your kids equally and unconditionally?  Do you have favourites, you have stubborn and difficult to manage?

This is one question even pastors and General Overseers may lie a bit about. Let's hear your honest answer. Please share.
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  1. Anonymous1/30/2016

    No and there are no the reasons well maybe it is of the 3 I have,there is one I would not blink an eye if he needed 10k in a hurry the other two not a chance.

  2. Anonymous1/30/2016

    I meant number one.

  3. Johnson1/30/2016

    Aunty Eya - is your last sentence suggesting that this is impossible?
    I love my children equally & unconditionally. I am, however, amazed at how different they are. Is there something I can do for one and not the others? NO.
    Do they all make me proud in the same way? NO.
    Do they feel that I love them equally? I will ask them next time we have a family meeting... My gut feeling tells me that the answer will be NO. However, this does not (& would not) change my unconditional love for them all.

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  5. I love my kids but I love my wife more. Lol


  6. Yes Oga Johnson, it's very possible. Some of us didn't feel we were getting equal love with our siblings growing up sha. I love all my kids to bits even with their different personalities o.

    A parent couldn't comment here but mailed me that she loves all her kids but that one particular one, her first son, always rubs her off the wrong way.

  7. Anonymous2/01/2016

    I have three children and I love them all equally and unconditionally. However, I "like" one better than the others. I see myself in him. My first son irritates the hell out of me. Having said that, I would go through the fire for them all.

    1. What about him irritates you?
      I'm just curious.

  8. all kid should be loved


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