My wife is lazy, How Do I Cope?

Hello People, My wife of five years has just left herself to be anyhow with NFA (NO FUTURE AMBITION). She is fat, angry and lazy. she was fired from her last job because there was no month she didn't call in sick to enable her stay home and watch Telemundo soap operas. She has become a professional food burner because when telemundo is showing, she forgets that there is a pot on the fire. Because of her I took away our PVR decoder and got a smaller subscription instead, to prevent her recording and watching all day long, yet, she still watches anyhow. Our only child is also suffering her non challance, she leaves the 2 year old at school till 5pm, pays the school extra money to perform after school care and assist with lessons before she gets up the couch to bring my daughter home. When she was still working, this was understandable but after loosing her job, she still leaves this little girl in school till 5PM. Doing what at home? Watching TV. I once told her she is addicted to TV and we fought the whole night for me saying such about her. Right now, she has had a year of living on the couch, watching reality tv and Telemundo and stuffing her face and nails with pancake powder and paint....She has gotten very comfortable with this lifestyle and  has made it clear she has no intentions of going back to work. She lays on the couch all day. When I get home from my job,  she expects me to wait on her....If I so much as mention or question a bill or her not contributing to anything...she flys off the chain...screaming, stomping around ..Telling me how inconsiderate I am and how I don't care how much pain she is in for losing her job. Is anyone experiencing this hell with their spouse? Please I'll like to know how you cope.


  1. Johnson1/19/2016

    Bros you cannot, and should not, cope with this. What would you do to a lazy/unserious child – would you leave him/her alone? She needs help and that is what you should do – help her! How? I have a few suggestions:
    1. Talk to her with the heart of someone who truly cares and want the best for her & the family. You no get another family o… Note that you are the coach and the one who gets blamed for the failure of the team. In this case, there is no choice in changing your team.
    2. Help with her CV and in applying for jobs for her. If possible, get her a teaching job…
    3. Take some of the comfort away – for example, stop paying for cable subscription…
    4. Register both of you in a gym and go with her at least once per week (Saturdays).
    5. Report her attitude, if no improvement, to her parents
    6. Seek spiritual help from the Head of the home – God. You seriously need help!
    Never give up on your team… God will grant u uncommon wisdom.

  2. Anonymous1/19/2016

    Well said, Johnson.

  3. Man you have said it all.

  4. Nothing to add. Mr Johnson has said it all.

  5. Anonymous1/20/2016

    Bro...u no be nigerian sure you are oyibo.this ur calmness is for winter.

  6. Anonymous1/20/2016

    Johnson u are a blessing to this blog. U have said it all. Poster all de best

  7. Anonymous1/20/2016

    Ur wife is depressed jare guess her loss of job affected her much. U have to encourage her and its not by calling her fat and lazy jare. Miss Peony

  8. Anonymous4/11/2016

    after reading some things lately about nigerian men, i started to get a little prejudiced, because almost every story made them out to be tyranical wife beaters (even though my dad is nigerian and my uncles are nigerian...but i just decided any nigerian i didn't know was a potential wife beater. but here you are with a woman who is doing all this (domestic abusers would have killed her for this, seeing as they can beat up their wife for coming home late) and you weren't shouting about being the man, or beating her to control and correct... there is hope o! ... and i need to stop reading these stories.


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