My Mother And Mother In-law Do Not Talk To each Other, I Cancelled My Wedding Because My Mom Won't Attend, What Can I Do?

Hello aunt eya,I wanted to post this on your blog but av failed.. am 24 yes old married with a son..I got married last yr march but we have in a relationship with my husband since 2009..all this tym my mother has been against our relationship but I cudnt leave this man coz I Love him so much and he loves me too.we wanted to wed but my mother said she wud not come to my welding as a result we just got married.. my mother hates the
family of my husband so much...but gues what since I got married to this man my mother is so angry with me..she even says am no longer her dota,she has Neva visited me,my son is 5 months now but she has Neva seen him..last months I went to visit her she Neva welcomed me..she is in sting that I must divorce really confused help me pliz.
she hates his family..there were some quarells between our grand parents some time back..actually mum didn't know my husband, she knows his clan...they tried to sit down and talk about it b4 we got marrie but all in vain..mum dint accept of now my mother and mama Inlaw don't talk to each other. What should I do?


  1. Johnson1/27/2016

    If I understand you well, you got married without your mother’s (parental) consent? How did the marriage happen? Who gave you out in marriage? The people (person) that gave u out in marriage should be consulted to intervene in this matter. There is little that you can do on your own…

  2. Anonymous1/27/2016

    You ve to pray and ask God for mercy, u cannot divorce bcos of mum. Buh u can still amend things through prayers. Visit my blog


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