I Miss The Happiness I Used To Feel Before I Got Married

Good evening Aunty Eya and wives connection BvS, I just want to talk but there's none to trust so, better I come here and rant away. I used to feel the excitement of facing everyday, growing up and even at the University, I was a very bubbly girl. I used to look forward to
another day break. Life was so much fun.
After marriage, I wonder why my husband's lies and serial cheating didn't make me as unhappy as now that we are not together. It used to be a happier me until I finally pulled myself together and left my ex hubby, I could not accept his affairs and  lies after lies'.  It was with great pain that I managed to leave him, cos we met since school days at 19 married 4 years later... and  just 2 years as husband and wife.. he started cheating. The lies and late nights increased when I gave birth to our son.
 I did give him chances after chances.. stayed on for him.. Prayed and believed he will change, fasted uncountable times anointing his clothes and shoes on top late night prayer. When I couldn't bear his lies and cheating ways, I left him hoping he will miss my absence and change, and then return to me for better. but now, he can't let go of the other woman.  My family and his tried to intervene but with the presence of that witch in his house, things became really gloomy. She made herself a live-in as soon as I left. We are still in contact now and strangely, seems like it is better cos I am no longer the woman he cheated on.
I Met another guy last year whom I consider a no good too ,cos after sharing with him about my past failed marriage, and what caused it, introducing him to my little son.. he still lied and cheated on me..emotionally and financially (He lost his job and depended on me for everything). I still managed to pull myself up again.  These two have caused me so much anger and hatred. I prefer my ex-husband to the second guy and though I still have contacts with him, it seems he cannot return to me, ( Gradually, it is beginning to look like if I do not cut ties with him, I might just become the other woman over night) the other lady is too strong I suspect they are planning to get married and who knows if she used some charms on him? that was too quick and strange. I can hardly smile these days and even when I do, it doesn't come from my head. Just keeping up appearances and trying to console myself in my baby but that inner happiness isn't there.


  1. Anonymous1/09/2016

    Wow, so sorry about your situation poster. Maybe you stay single for a little while. don't look for love at all, just let it happen. Pray with all your heart for God to send the right person to you everday. pray out loud and don't give up. Life is hard and sometimes you want to give up but you must keep getting up and keep going like your doing. You are very brave and strong from what I can tell. The other woman was there even before you left that's why it's easy for her to move in with him. Prayer is the only key. I will pray for you too.

  2. dear poster, you are not alone o. I'm not sure when the last time is that I was truly happy. I have gotten so used to faking it that I'm always "happy". Reflecting back on my life, I think the last time I was happy was when I was a child. Life can be so hard sha.

  3. @poster the best way out is starting all over again. Living ur life for ur self n ur son. Leave rshp for now. Start loving ursef n treating ursef good physically and otherwise. No1 shld b in charge of your happiness. Life always throw everybody at one point or another stones but the ability to look at it as Apple is what we call tru LIVING. Life is nvr perfect. When u careless about things, u ll b free and happy.

  4. Wow! I guess it's because you left your home, that the woman got in. If the woman is using jazz, you will use prayers. Go to church, table your problems before a pastor or a charismatic priest, as the case may be, and make sure you pray and fast over her issue. She is a home breaker/wrecker and if she is using jazz, your prayers will defeat it and your husband will get himself back. Now, don't be hasty to think that when he does get himself back, he'll come running to you so prepare yourself. In the meantime, get busy with things and look good and also make your son look good. All will work for good in the end.

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