I Know I Am In Love, When

When I care so much about the person that I forget about everything else completely, even my health and well being.
When I sit and write something like this crying to myself, and wondering why I am so pathetic.
When I can't sleep at night because when I close my eyes, he is standing there to remind me that I am not alone.
When I feel all these feelings, but am too afraid to tell them, because am scared he might
not care. And the truth is he probably won't.
When you feel his presence everywhere. My heart pounds when I hear his voice or footsteps approaching.
When he hurts me and the pain is so great, I feel that giving up altogether is the only choice, when really I have so much to live for.
When he has told me  that he doe not love me. And I would do anything to  make him love me.
And the only words that I can say are:
"I love you, and no matter what happens I will still love you and I still think of you all the time. I know it means nothing to you, but you mean everything to me".
You know what? You love someone so bad it hurts, there is no guarantee he'll love you back the same way.
And if anyone ever falls in love with someone this strongly and they don't love you the same way, hold on to every last bit of sanity you have. Don't let it completely ruin who you are. You are a wonderful person and can pull through. You will have some very rough times. But, it will get better...


  1. All so true but, for anyone in this situation, you love some one and they didn't love ou back the same way? go out loads make as many new friends as possible, meet new people as well as hanging with your old friends as well a lot, you cant stop the pain from happening but you can reduce the time it takes to go away, although the scar will last, think of it as a battle scar as long as you are alive you haven't ever lost! someone will come and make everything alright maybe someone else to love or might just be a new best friend you make and just helps you feel content with who you are. Don't do what i've done in the past drink, drink, drink, until you realise how much money you are wasting and risk serious damage to your insides and you brain, you will eventually get to a point where the alcohol doesn't do anything and the pain will still be there and worse than before. you need to let yourself do the healing drinking majorly stalls this process, time defeats and outlasts everything so don't worry, it will get better, be as positive as possible .Remember, things happen the wrong way round a lot! My 2 cents.

  2. Anonymous1/09/2016

    I can't really define LOVE to anyone, but I know when I am in love. I've been through this with a guy I dated for 2 years.I did everything for him and he never made me first choice even for once. I can't believe I did anything he wanted me to do. I completely humiliated myself asking for him to take me back in front of his house, with passersby watching and throwing glances.....

    My word of advice, if a person makes you feel like that. You must close complete contact with the person.You will never, ever get better until you close all contact, and you will never ever win their heart no matter how hard you try. Leave before you turn into an evil person filled with envy, depression, and vengeance....you will eventually want to see him hurt just so he could feel what you feel, but you have to let go. Trust me, when I say that the person will feel the exact pain you are feeling if they did you wrong. The universe will pay them back in full force for your sake and, that's what you guys call "Karma"

  3. Johnson1/09/2016

    Loving someone does not mean losing your sanity. You endanger yourself and those around you feeling this way. This kind love na textbook and movies love. My kind of love is found in 1Cor13.

  4. Anonymous1/09/2016

    My case is similar but at the same time very different. I realized I love my fiance after we broke up and now he doesn't want me back even with all my tears and begging and even sending friends to beg on my behalf. This Life is funny. I thought there was no love and treated him shabbiliy, suddenly I'm dying of love now that we are no longer together.

  5. This post hits the nail right on the head. If someone knows you care about him a lot and remains lukewarm and keeps you at arms length, but never really lets you go, he is feeding off your feelings like an emotional vampire. Run from him, he will never love you.

  6. I kept getting these feeling that my fiance didn't really love me the way I do but ignored my instincts and signs. I went to his place last weekend. We were invited to his uncle's birthday party whose family is abroad. He made me cook for the whole party. The party was on a Saturday. He waited until the next day which was Sunday to tell me he reconnected with a girl on Facebook and that he would be going out with her.

  7. Anonymous1/09/2016

    I have a question tho. If you love someone and they don't love you back, is it possible to make them love you?

  8. If someone loves you...he feels it deep inside and if you love him, you feel it too. Well...to me, there's really no use loving someone who doesn't love me because if he does, he'll show it!
    Nice write up Aunty Eya!

    And @ Anon 20:36, I really don't think so unless the both of you are married and are stuck with eachother for life, then, he can gradually begin to know you and love you for who you are. *my opinion tho*

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  9. Anonymous1/09/2016

    @ Uncle Johnson, Mills and Boon Love happens for real o. My cousin stabbed herself on the arm some years back when her Varsity boyfriend dumped her for a new student. They got back together after the incident (Thank God it didn't enter social media, it was handled like hush hush hush), he nursed her wound with her until she got well but they are now both married to different people.

  10. Hmmmm love issues tho. Beyond my understanding. My opinion is who u luv ll nvr luv you same . Perfect luv is 50-50 bt where do you find perfection? Most ppl don't always end up marrying who dey truly love


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