I Hate My Name To Pieces

Hi Aunty Eya, I don't know what to do about my name. The meaning is good, but the sound. it doesn't sound good to the ears and very hard to pronounce unless you are from my tribe. The name is always bastardized and I don't blame people for not being able to call me correctly. In my final year
now and still unhappy about the name my parents gave me. The only people who love the name are my parents and grandparents even my siblings laugh at the sound.


  1. I can understand you poster, maybe you go for change of name. My name is Christopher and I don't like it for one bit that's why i prefer the short form Chris.

    1. My son's name is Christopher.
      I think it's a lovely name.

  2. Johnson1/16/2016

    You don't have to change your name if the meaning is good. I would suggest that you carve a "call-name" for yourself. For example, Debbie for Deborah, Azimo for Umuazibumo,Almost for Akpojovwo... Tell us your name and you'll be amazed what we can turn it into...

  3. Hmmmm nawa oooooo. Is somehow tho. But u can change wen u marry. Most ppl already know u with dt name so don't bug ursef much

  4. Anonymous1/17/2016

    My name is Eniolorunopa; a person whom God will not kill. I am the poster.

  5. You can just tell people to call u Enny cos ur name is a very heavy one but changing now will be hard cos people won't adapt fast to d new name or ask for ur other names cos u can't have just one name.

  6. Then shorten it to Eni @ poster.
    I love answering my full name, Adaeze, but a lot of people don't pronounce it well. (I'm sure you'll say it's easy to pronounce but about 80% of those who pronounce my name never get it right even the igbos) so I stick to Ada.
    I don't see how you can change a name that has been yours for years and a first name at that. Since it's doesn't have a bad meaning, then, stop at Eni...and don't give the people a full name unless its necessary.
    I have a friend whose name is NT, just because she doesn't like her full name which is Ntianugoiheomachukwumerem but she shortens it to NT and that's what she's called at work.
    You call the shots dear!

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  7. Poster I love your name, since you don't like it you can tell people that you meet your name is Eni which is a name I also love.

  8. Or you can try another full name such as eniolorun (person of God).you can exclude the (opa) part.

  9. Or you can try another full name such as eniolorun (person of God).you can exclude the (opa) part.

  10. Anonymous1/20/2016

    Eni would do. The old folks may still call d full name but its what you tell new folks that they will call u by. Don't sweat it dear. Good luck


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