I Confessed To My Husband, He Turned Around And Told Our I4 Year Old Son

Hi Aunty Eya, good day, I wanted to send you this mail last week but changed my mind. Now I can't keep it any longer, because I am so confused I just want the ground to swallow me up. Last year I was so alone a d lonely in my marriage, with my husband giving all his time to work and gadgets. I tried to talk to him about my feeling lonely but, he just waved it aside and said it's Idleness that I need a more serious job to keep me busy.

Around this time, my colleague and I started talking a lot, even though he is married too we became very close and started seeing ourselves. We saw only twice before I left town. At that moment I
honestly was happy and felt wanted but it didn't last. we had to relocate to the South after hubby got another job. To come clean, take the burden off my chest and start my life all over, I confessed, telling him how sorry I was and to be honest, I felt that me opening up about that past will make him adjust and give me a little attention, instead he held it against me and told our 14 year old son who is supposed to be  leaveing for school this Sunday. I don't know how to mend this.  


  1. In the first place who ask for dt confession? Y not just go to God and ask for pardon n free ursef? Besides is not like going home
    He caught u or something. Anyway d deed is done. Just seat him down n talk to him again about it or possibly talk to your son wen he's back dt what daddy says ain't d way it is . Erm short of advice

  2. Anonymous1/09/2016

    Dis is serious poster...u shuldnt have confess to him but ur God..imagine if it is you hw could u ar more jealose dan we ladies.........ur hubby is someone dat doesnt forgive easily but he act childishly....ask for his forgiveness n he wil be d one to erased it frm ur boy..n pray so dat ur boy wil nt use it against u in da future

  3. Anonymous1/09/2016

    First of all, pray to God and ask for forgiveness and ask Him to help you. After that, have a heart to heart discussion with your son. It was wrong of your husband to bring him into the matter but since it has happened, you have to do some damage control. Tell him you love him and the mistake you made was wrong and that is why you stopped it, repented and confessed to his dad. His main fear right now will be his parents breaking up. Reassure him that you will do your best not to let that happen. Ask him to forgive you for letting him down. Next thing, talk with both him and his dad together. Express your desire that you all turn a new page as a family, forgiving each other for past hurts and disappointments. Tell them that they are the most important people in your life and it is your earnest prayer that you all stay together as a happy family. With God's help, I believe this will happen.

  4. Johnson1/09/2016

    Let's twist d story... "Your husband had an affair with a colleague and she left town with the pregnancy. He has confessed to you so that you give him more attention". The reason behind your confession, not d confession itself,is so flawed! What if he did not relocate; or he comes back? You did not seek proper counsel in telling... I can tell you that you have endangered your husband - he cannot be himself at the moment and that could be responsible for actions like telling your son. His actions are going to be erratic - I pray God intervenes...
    What can you do? @Annoy 9:22 gave the first steps towards seeking divine help; provided you are truly repentant. You need God now more than ever before. You are the only one to get yourself out from where you entered. Deal with husband first and both of you will sought your son out.

  5. Mehn! The kind of stories we see on blogsphere! Why would he do that? I are his wife and the fourteen year old is your son as well as his. When did your marital issues have anything to do your son? Does he want your son to stop thinking of his academics and start bothering himself about his parents and their marital issues? When the both of you were taking vows at the altar, was the little boy there? I hate to think that your husband is trying to draw your son to his side by telling him inappropriate things about his mother.
    I don't think you need to tell your son anything or try to defend yourself before him because too much information would confuse him. Mind you, he's still a teenager and teens process information in very different forms. I think you need to call your husband and sit him down. Tell him your mind, the reason why you told him the truth about your friendship with the man at work, and tell him that you are disappointed that he told your son. Please, in all these, do not raise your voice. You need to be calm but firm at the same time. (I usually prefer to pray and ask the holy spirit for guidance whenever I have to handle sensitive issues in order not to go overboard or get unnecessarily angry.)
    After speaking to him, listen to his side and please do not interrupt till he is done talking and after that, apologize again for hurting his feelings and after that, tell him that you are not happy about what he told your son and make him promise you that he will talk to your son and cancel all the negative things he said about you to him.
    After that, kiss and make up.
    Goodluck. I hope my advice helps.

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  6. Johnson1/09/2016

    I learn alot reading people's comments & it helps me see how selfish we could be as human beings.
    Maybe I am the one not seeing the reason behind the Poster's confession? Was it repentance or guilt? What do u expect the man to do - feel guilty for his wife's infidelity?
    I am not supporting the man's action in bringing a child(son) into this saga, but this scenario has the potential of breaking this home if not handled carefully.


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