How To Preserve Tomatoes For a whole year

 Ripe tomatoes are cheap and in season right now. Seize the opportunity. 

Big round and firm tomatoes are in season and cheap now. This is the time to buy and store for long time use. I got the biggest series basket for N3500 here in Ilorin last Saturday. It will still come cheaper between now and mid February, especially if the fuel situation improves. To store, sort the tomatoes to ripe and firm, unripe and firm and soft whether ripe or unripe. Wash the ripe and the soft, removing the stalks and pack in freezer nylons. Stack the
ripe, firm ones at the bottom and the soft ones on top, so they get used up first in the freezer. This way they stay fresh for months as long as you keep the freezer running well,  and you grind on need basis. Do not wash or remove the stalks from the unripe ones till they become ripe and ready to be stored. Just keep them aired in an open and we'll aired place around your kitchen away from direct sunlight. They will ripen up in time and then you can wash and store like the others. All categories of pepper can be stored this way when in glut. You won't have to buy when they become very expensive.
Yemi Adana.

The fresh pepper I packed in freezer bags and stored when pepper was very cheap in 2015  is what I'm still using now. I just blend enough to past for some weeks and use, blend some more when that is exhausted and so on.


  1. Good tips! Will definitely give it a try! Thank you.

  2. Anonymous1/12/2016

    Thanks a lot
    Please does small electric oven does the same work as the normal oven?,can I use it with generator,please how much is it.

  3. Thank you Eya

  4. Anonymous1/14/2016

    I purchased some yesterday and followed your tips.

  5. Anonymous1/15/2016

    Bought mine for 4500.i use the rice sack to store in deep freezer. So we ar on same line. To run a family is not moi moi.lolz


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