How to cook cow tail pepper soup in a pressure cooker in 15 minutes

Cow tail, cow leg and fresh cow skin (kpomo) are best cooked with a pressure cooker if you want to leave the kitchen fast. Once the cooker starts sizzling and wheezing,  I  wait fifteen minutes and turn off the heat.  This cow tail
cooked really soft and delicious in those 15 minutes of sizzling.


cow tail
Royce is the only seasoning not exhausted in my kitchen right now, so that's what I used. 4 cubes
A sprinkle of well washed Bitter leaf
 Washing just two plates of cow tail,  these might not be up to a whole cow tail, say half

 The first pic shows the washed meat with ingredients in the pressure cooker. Here it is locked and cooking.

After sizzling for fifteen minutes,  here is the result.well cooked Pepper soup 

This is what happens when you pressure cook meat and let it cool. The pressure brings out all the fats and what I do is let it cool or leave over night so I can scoop out the fats, warm and serve healthy meat/soup.  Pressure cooking meat helps get out all the fats and if you like fats, you can serve oily and enjoy, if you pray for long life, then do away with the fats and enjoy clean meat.

 I left this pepper soup over night. Cooked on Saturday to serve on Sunday.  You can leave the pot  the freezer,  scoop out the fats, warm and serve for healthy living. This on the spoon in just one scoop of fats from this small pot of cow leg.  You can imagine what we consume.
 The meat is now clean, reheat  and enjoy 

 I think cow leg  cannot contain this much fats. Cow leg should be healthier o.

 Ewww, See the quantity of fats in just a small pot of cow tail?

Scoop out the fat, Serve hot,  enjoy and live long by God's grace. 
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  2. Anonymous1/20/2016

    Erm no tnx, not even eating this. B the way what type of peppersoup are they cooking without peppersoup spices and using biiterleaf as against scent leaf,

    Ewwwww! This is all shades of wrong esp seeing all that fat.

    1. Peppersoup can either be cooked with hot leaf or Bitterleaf. It can be cooked with scent leaves too or uziza seeds. There are many methods of cooking, just do what works for you.

  3. Hello aunty Eya. Just to let you know that cow tail is sooooo FULL of oil. I"ll suggest you cut off the fatty bits b4 cooking it n drain out the stock of the meat after 10mins of cooking then add fresh water b4 afding all the peppersoup seasoning them let it fully cook.
    If you used goat meat, beef or chicken you wont get that much fat.

  4. @ Mozinart, the pics are complete now. Sis Lizzy, thank you for the tips.

  5. Omg I got to try this recipe I really love cow tails here in USA we Call them ox tails my grandfather used to cook these in to a yummy stew I watched him do it then next thing you know I was doing it 😀🌹

  6. I discovered that the labelling on the packs was incorrect. This is ox tail and not cow tail. Cow tail isn't this fatty.


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