How Can I Make My Son Born Out Of Wedlock Legitimate In Nigeria?

Good morning wives connection family. I had a fight with my inlaws because they show no respect when they come visiting. It's like my kitchen is a thoroughfare where they can just pick whatever they like as a takeaway, open freezer to see what's in there and even check pots on the cooker like we are mates.

So we exchanged some sour words with my SIL and she kept repeating that my son is an illegitimate child ;(
I had this boy before hubby and I wedded officially,  in
short it's a long story, I  actually turned down his proposal wanting to avoid distractions in my studies but ran back after I discovered the pregnancy. It was already too late to start planning a wedding and I don’t like pregnant bride thingy to be honest, I couldn't imagine myself wedding while pregnant so we postponed everything until after I had my son. Now, my husband's unmarried sister is using it against me. Is there a way I can make my son a legitimate child like his younger brother? Please Educate me.


  1. Anonymous1/31/2016

    Madam I believe you and your husband are married now so that means your son is legitimate. If your sister in law keeps bringing that up then ban her from your house

  2. Exactly ban her asap. What nonsense huh. What's illegitimate about your son? She needs to stay away before she polute d innocent child's head with dt yeye talk. Let her go n marry n hv her home n kids. Such ppl r home breakers

  3. Anon above has said it all. How dare she call your son an illegitimate child when you are now married to the biological father of your children. Well from the onset is when you should have addressed this issue of checking your pots, fridge and freezer. That is sooooo.....inappropriate. if you two are close friends that will be different but it seems thos behaviour is to assess and make unnecessary judgement.
    If you dont stop her she will enter your room as she pleases and be checking out your wardrobe and underwears.

  4. Baby Doctor2/01/2016

    Does your husband know of her utterances about his first son? If not, please tell him.

  5. Anonymous2/01/2016

    Sister!gain better backbone and put her in her place,personally,i don't think you need to tell your husband.there is so much pressure a man can take especially if it comes from both sides so keep ur peace and a straight face n put her in her place in subtle but firm ways. If u don't learn to handle things yourself,ur hubby will quickly get exhausted and be rest assured she will come with more nonsense! If she takes a jab @ you,you go for a low punch! If e pain her,make she report to hubby,den he will hear wat she said bout his son! Best approach for meddling inlaws is cold war,wit a smile on your face! That's my opinion o! Don't let her turn you to a nag to your husband or small time you go hear 'you sef'

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