Help With My Baby's Hair

Please I need advice on how to grow a baby girl's hair. My baby is 15 months old. I only trimmed her hair a little when she was about 9 months old. the front was long but the back was very low and scanty.
The back refuses to grow. The hair looks like its cutting and looks very dry. I usually use shea butter but stopped about 2 months ago.
I wanted to cut teh whole thing really low and start afresh but it has become an issue in my house as my hubby begs me not to.
What do I do?
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  1. Why don't you start plaiting it. Wool hair is good for children and helps their hair grow.

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  3. Cut everything and start allover. It worked for me. I know ur daughter might look somehow, but after a week new hair will start growing. P.S shave everything off.

  4. Is best to cut it n start all over. Coconut oil is great for hair ( original one) or make it your sef.

  5. Anonymous2/01/2016

    my sister some kids hair are weird. my daughter who is now 4 has same type of hair. back hair refused to grow even after cutting it equally the first wife deceided not to cut it again and continue plaiting wool. after about 2 years it looks better but u will still notice the diiference if she washes her natural her. so leave it.


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