Quick Vegetable Soup With Rolled Pounded Yam

How to cook Nigerian vegetable soup without meat:

Zero meat vegetable soup served with pounded yam.
You know me and quick cook methods. If you want the real edikaikong recipe, click and see it here. To understand this cooking pics, scroll down and start from there. The cooking ends up here. Start reading from down up. Ok, still in the process of improving on my presentation, I tried to roll this fufu like the lovely ones we see Online but my best is almost good enough. Just manage. The soup tastes so good and fresh you won't mind that the fufu has cracks. No long due process cooking here. Just wash, fry and soup is ready.

  1. Palm oil
  2. onion
  3. fresh pepper. I used my pepper sauce
  4. seasoning cubes
  5. Smoked "Iced fish"
  6. Cow skin (Kpomo)
  7. Water leaves
  8. flutted pumpkin (Ugu) leaves

 This is my serving, I emptied the pot of kpomo here to make pic look rich, did'nt eat all this o. Sent back some c ow skin to the pot after snapping.

 Pot of o meat crunchy vegetable soup

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Finally, water leaf and flutted pumpkin leaves added

Ingredients cook in oil

Adding kpomo to the soup

Adding smoked fish to the pot

 The aroma is inviting already

Adding pepper and seasoning cubes. I used knorr here

Adding onion to hot palm oil


  1. Anonymous3/02/2016

    Aunty Eya does it mean that you don't need to add water to vegetable soup

    1. You can add if you want. For this after washing, there is still water in the veggies you won't know until it boils or is about to.


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