Ella Benard Fashion: One Abuja Tailor We Should Try

I bumped into an old  comment last night and decided to check out Ella Benard Fashion on Facebook. I think their tailoring is my kind of thing. That their price tag is public, the cost of the dresses is boldly posted along side their dresses like what you see on Online shops, there is no need to make contact before finding out the cost of dresses. I love the finishing, I like what I see on that page and to think that I live here in Abuja and didn't know about this. I once told myself that "sewing is no longer my thing." That "I'll rather visit boutiques, pick what is already made and wear with no stress" after suffering in the hands of different tailors. Then, I got introduced to another who promised heaven and earth, that he doesn't disappoint and, we got going, his bills eh? outrageous but I agreed to manage and we started. He made lovely outfits that almost everyone complimented, then I shopped for more
materials, felt comfortable with him and picked styles and imagined myself in them and even imagined comments on the fashion blog when I post the pics.

 Maybe, that's one of the reasons I pulled my weight back here and have started importing the fashion blog here as suggested by many (put it up on Flippa for sale and wasn't impressed with the offers, no one bidded openly, those who contacted me privately were not ready to pay what I asked, so, downloading here in progress..).
Back to the tailor... I got so pained, regretted getting more materials for him and advised myself sharp sharp oh... "If my blogging will depend on content created by my tailor who is full of disappointments then it won't work, I'd rather pull myself all back to where I can create my contents and post when I want without having to wait on another human tailor"

The second set of materials I gave in June 2015 are still with him today January 6, 2016. I gave up, resumed the chase again, got tired and gave my driver the contract of ensuring he gets those clothes from this tailor and gets paid by me for a job well done, he hasn't succeeded oh. I needed to travel with some and pose for Christmas but for where? I tried anger, it didn't work; Tried cajoling, it didn't work; There are so many customers on his neck already, some ready to sleep in that shop until their dresses are made. So, I gave up again, travelled for Christmas and came back, it's 2016 and counting, and my cloth materials of June 2015 are still with a tailor. I asked him once if he thinks I'm a piece of item that never changes in size? My body has gone through gain and lose weight over and over again, that measurement with him sef.  I don't know to give up or continue to trouble him endlessly. You know one thing about tailors who delay jobs? Mistakes. After keeping customers items for too long, they tend to forget some details and that's what happened at a point., Then the one I couldn't let him get away with is when he sews my material for another customer who rejects and he quietly tried to replace the material but luck so ran out of him,  could not find that ordinary Vlisco wax material anywhere. He searched from Abuja to Suleja without success and had to confess, ready to pay for the cloth. I have since collected the money.
If you live in Abuja and your tailor has been behaving badly, I think we should visit Ella Benard Fashion and see how far.


  1. lol I understand all the stress a tailor can put u thru, suffered for a long time like that, till I tried style temple and Kathy Anthony. they r both good and efficient


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