Bird Flu + Lassa Fever, Temperature Scanning Has To Start Again In Nigerian schools And All Public Places

Abuja records first Lassa fever death. Schools, supermarkets, Churches, hospitals and all public places in Nigeria took up the task of scanning before anyone is allowed into premises,  what happened to this good habit? As soon as the World Health Organisation  (WHO) declared Nigeria Ebola free,  many dropped the habit and now there's free entry everywhere with no one bothering to scan visitors. Let this scanning habit return.  It's a good habit.

The Federal Capital Territory has recorded it's first death of the deadly viral disease, Lassa Fever. Minister of Health, Prof Isaac Oyewole made this known during a visit to the National Hospital, Abuja where the patient died.

The medical director of the hospital, Jack Momoh, while confirming the death, said the patient, a 33 year old newly married man, was brought in unconscious from a private hospital in Kubwa, a suburb of Abuja, where he had been admitted for eight days.

He however died within 24hours of being at the national hospital.‎ Search for all the primary and second contact of the deceased is ongoing.
So Lassa Fever has reached Kubwa? It is well.