Annie Idibia The Indisputable Role Model To African Wives

Annie Idibia sends loving birthday message to Nino, 2face's first son. Can you do that?

Last night,  I saw this birthday wish from Annie Idibia to Tuface's first son and honestly I became teary  because , didn't we all follow the story? until he finally proposed and married her? I asked myself "Can I do this?  

Back then, she was bashed for staying, but come to think of it,  even if she left Tubaba, where on planet earth would she have found a perfect Angelic man ?(even angels fell sef). Annie Idibia unites her children in a way no other has done before and if you think you can do that,  STEP FORWARD LET'S SEE YOU. It's not
an easy thing to do and you know what? These kids will grow to love her. The bond is daily being created and she won't regret it. 

For those of us who like creating fights with our husbands where there shouldn't be,  please emulate Annie Idibia. Some women get married to men who already had kids before meeting them and you won't believe your eyes when you see the way their step children are maltreated, some wish their step kids dead.  You'll think they never knew the man had kids before settling down the road.  One day, these kids will become adults and, you  know what? Children  may forget what you said to them, they may forget what you  did to them but, they will never forget how you made them feel (The tears or the joy?) 

*Btw, the cute boy is my birthdsy mate* I know what some of us reading now would have done, how we would have done all that's possible to prevent those innocent kids from enjoying their Dad.  If you have a problem being nice to those step kids, make Annie Idibia your role model. Your own is even mild, you met those kids with their dad. For Annie, she was there before the children started arriving. To me, She is a superwoman!....Read what Annie wrote below...


  1. Yes, Annie is truly remarkable. It's not easy to be a good wife and mother under her circumstances but she's doing it and she'll reap the benefits at the end of the day.

    Happy belated birthday Aunty Eya, may God's blessings be yours and may you reap the fruits of your labour.

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  2. Anonymous1/16/2016

    Daddys look alike.God bless u and family my dear.Hbd

  3. Anonymous1/17/2016

    Let me tell u y it's easy for her,one sunmbo is married too so she doesn't feel threatened d least she can do is support her,y can't she treat pero children in such manner???abegi all na wash


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