Always Loving The Wrong Men But I'd Rather Stay Single Than Live With Someone I Don't Love

Hello Aunty Eya and Wives Connection and fellow Blog visitors who are always ready to help us silent readers with your wealth of knowledge. I'm 31 years old and I can say that I've truly loved only three people in my entire life and unfortunately they were  the wrong ones. My close friends are all in long term relationships and getting married and raising their beautiful families. Everyday I feel like I'm getting left behind. I feel old and discouraged,  I wonder why I can't fall in love or develop feelings for the right men, except those who will lie and deceive me and disappear when I need the relationship to move forward.But as much
as I would like to get married, I can't settle. I rarely fall in love but when I do, I fall hard and it's the best feeling I've ever felt. I don't just want a companion or room mate, I want true love back. I'm better off being alone than forcing myself to love someone.


  1. Johnson1/14/2016

    Staying single (or married) is a choice we all have to make… either way, there are consequences. However, single status brings more temptations that you can easily justify and ends one in HELL.
    If you find yourself loving the wrong men:
    1. Check yourself. What are you looking for - tall, dark & handsome or a child of God?
    2. What kind of people do you attract – men that want to get in-between your legs or the ones that want to develop lasting relationship? Which do you really prefer – be sincere to yourself… Do you fall hard for the former or the latter?
    3. What really is your definition of true love? Maybe you should ask your friends same question – you might find that your responses are conflicting.
    I think you need to start attending marriage seminars and read good books on marriages – it will help you. This, however, is not exhaustive.

  2. Hmmmm. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!! It has no definition or guidelines. Is just der. It's a thing of luck ( my opinion).

  3. Anonymous4/11/2016

    erm i'm not sure what being single does to affect temptation because married people are still cheating right left and center. my advice is that you need to start being content with where you are with your life right now, stop comparing you and your friends and start being grateful for all the little things you have in life.

    ensure that you are not idolising marriage, and just begin to work on yourself and personal development. reach a place in your life where you are so content being you and fulfilling your life's purpose that it won't matter if you get married or not. and whatever you do never make a decision to marry someone whilst under pressure/depressed about marriage. you are most likely to ignore tell tale signs that guy is not right for you in that state. ("clock is ticking", "who'll take care of you" are all signs of people trying to induce pressure,fear and an unsound mind). it's hard, especially in this society, but marriage is not your ultimate goal in life.

    and then this is where i start agreeing with johnsons comment. definitely check what you want in a guy. ensure that you are leaving these guys for genuine reasons (like controlling behaviour, ego/pride) and not for shallow reasons (money, face, height etc).


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