1. Take time to listen to us, we want to talk to you.
  2. Seek our opinion in decision making, especially on matters that may affect the family.
  3. Always come home early, it shows you value us and our children.
  4. Empower us by investing in us (Allowing us to work or open a business for us).
  5. Accept your responsibility as the head (by giving leadership).
  6. Defend us always. (Let us have the feeling that you are always there for us)
  7. Prove to us that you care (Care can be seen, felt, touched or heard).
  8. We like sex, but, allow us to tell you how we want it. Read good books on this. There is what is called foreplay, it comes before the real thing. You can also prevent yourself from coming too early; learn from books.Our mood matters, make us happy to want it.
  9. Do not cheat on us, it brings wound that is difficult to heal
  10. Earn our honour, respect and submission by giving them to us
  11. Always treat and relate with our family members the same way you want us to treat and relate with yours.
  12. Prove to us that we are more important to you than your money. ( Tell us about your earnings and give us free access to your accounts).
  13. Please, do  not be dirty and disorganized. (Keep your belt, shoes, socks, used clothes, where they should be).
  14. Consciously create time for us and our children.
  15. Allow us to be free around you, play with you, touch, joke, laugh and even make mistakes around you.
  16. Go with us on visiting days to pay visits to our children in school. The children appreciate it and it earns you more respect with them.
  17. Look good for us (Let us be proud to tell our friends to meet our husbands).
  18. Give us pocket money. ( This is different from the family upkeep, it tells us you are mindful of
    us and care.
  19. Do not shout or yell at us, we do not like it, it spoils our day and we feel belittled.
  20. Do not ever leave the house if you observe that we are not happy. Do everything to make us happy and have our goodwill for the day because you need it.
  21. Appreciate us, this removes the feeling of slavery; Say "Thank you" send SMS, present gifts, ask people to appreciate us on your behalf.
  22. Assist us with house chores, once in a while, bathe the children, dress the bed, clean the house, mop the floor, do the cooking, ETC. We value you more when you do this.
  23. Do not let your Ipad, mobile phone, office work stand between us. There is time for everything.
  24. Do not correct us before our children, In-laws, and in public but when alone with you in love.
  25. Be polite when addressing us.( Words like: Please, help, thank you, I'm sorry, will help a great deal).
  26. Present gifts, it can be daily,weekly or monthly, not only on Christmas day or birthday or Anniversary celebrations. It boosts our commitments to you.
  27. Who is your friend? (We don't appreciate friends that engage you in doing things that aren't right.
  28. We do not want cigarettes, Alcohol, Bad films, lying Etc around the kids. Be a worthy example to us and the children.
  29. Remember the special days in our lives and that of your children; Birthday, Anniversary, School resumption and closing, parents' forum, 
  30. be sensitive to what you say to us when you are angry; Stop telling us to pack out because we are going no where. Don't tell us we lack home training, stupid Etc, these are words that are not easily forgotten especially when they come from our husbands.
  31. Remember the saying, "behind a successful man is a successful woman" Whenever you are telling or writing your success stories, do not forget to appreciate us for the roles we played.
  32. Do not raise your hand against us, it is the highest level of disrespect you can give us. It makes you seem undeserving of our respect and honour, it makes us hate you.
  33. Take us with you when you go on vacations and when you make trips abroad, do not act like children school fees, accommodation and feeding is all we deserve, when you make official trips, try to pay for us and the kids to go along with you, it's not too much  to do for your family.
  34. Trust us to shop for ourselves and the kids, we can do it. Do not try to shop for us because you feel we are not capable. You cannot chose what we like neither can you get the right sizes, we say thank you to make you happy not because we appreciate you shopping for us, we see that as stingy and disrespectful.
  35. Pay the bills; water, electricity, medical bills, School fees.
  36. Be the head when it comes to kids discipline, do not leave it to us.
  37. When you give to friends and other family members, do so in our presence. We deserve the "Thank you" too. If possible, send us to do the giving on your behalf, that way we feel appreciated. 
  38. Do not yell at us when we forget the lights on, do not say that we forget because we are not the ones paying the bills.
  39. Do not make us sad when you are around, we want to enjoy your presence at home, but not when you are unfriendly and bossy. We want to miss you but that cannot happen if your presence at home cannot make us and the children happy.
  40. If you treat us with respect, that's how others will treat us too. Make us feel loved and appreciated at all times. When at home, Invite us to sit beside you, start conversations with us, ask how our day went and how we feel. Do not see our success as competition, we complement you. We are family.


  1. Johnson1/26/2016

    Hmmmmmm. Diaris God o!

  2. Lol, I like your comment Johnson. We no go kill una. Just follow the rules.

  3. Anonymous1/27/2016

    I love dis!

  4. Johnson1/27/2016

    Ope - even God know sey man cannot fulfill the requirements of the 10 commandments! The Law was given to show our limitations (Gal3:19). With 40 - dis will require the BLOOD o Jesus to empower us for compliance... Well sha, His grace is sufficient (lol)!

  5. Very good I love dt part ( his grace is sufficient). #Says brandy the women right activist.wink

  6. Chinyere Gift Ebere Dikkio1/28/2016

    Nigeria husbands : Don't make your wife Jealous of the other woman. The other woman is to be jealous of your wife.

    Don't have pot belly in the processing of hanging out with your friends.

    Don't make your phone private and your spouse private part is always accessible. "Two shall become one as scripture said"

    Don't come home late and expect your spouse to be happy with her arms open , after keeping her waiting.

    Don't make bill payment part of her responsibility even if she is a working class. She is a helper and not the HEAD.

    Nigerian husband your wife should be your best buddy so tell her how things are going with your job or business. This will either make her more prayerful or powerful.

    Nigerian husband, spend time with your wife just like you did during your first love. It will keep the love burning between you two.

    Nigerian husband don't embarrass your wife in front of your friends even if she came out not well dressed. A gentle word softens the heart.

    Nigeria husband, assist with school runs . It gives the children an identity and draws you closer as family.

    Nigeria husband, surprise your spouse with home made food once in as long as you can. It is romantic.

    Nigeria husband, love your children for that is what we want as women.

    Try to call your spouse when you are at work or stress moment. She is always there to listen.

    Give your spouse time to explain herself when there is need to.

    Protect her outside and scorn her indoors. ( privately) .

    Praise her bad cooking with wisdom. E.g Sweet heart your food taste good . I would like to eat this again lets say in two weeks but can you cut down or the pepper, salt , water , maggi or whatever your observation is? I think it will pay rather than " O God!! When will you ever cook what somebody will eat? Did your mum not teach you how to cook? What kind of salty , water , maggi soup is this?

    O boy!!!!!! She will go gaga!!!!

    Kudos to you all and a big LOVE to my sugar, buddy , best half, sweet , bobby and husband. He is a blessed Nigeria husband.

  7. Chinyere Gift Ebere Dikkio1/28/2016

    Nigeria husband, the woman was never fat (maybe when you met her ) but you got her pregnant and ; there is what is known as baby fat. If you don't provide good and healthy meals for her during and after pregnancy there is a tendency of her being fat. Fruits and veggies are very expensive so you may likely buy bag of rice, garri, bread and all affordable carbohydrate to enhance the fat growing. Buy her treadmill and good meals she can keep fit and healthy too. She did it for your joy and peace so respect her sacrifices .


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