20 Nigerian Food blogs to follow in 2016, Beyond

Abak Atama Soup
 Nigerian soup by

 This is 2016, we need to explore more. I want to take my cooking to another level. I'd love to wow myself and my family this year, especially the kids who love to eat out on weekends, want to see if I can change that... so, I went searching for the best hands in Nigerian food. I may not be 100% correct but they are great, if you know other good food blogs to help improve our cooking, please add in the comment section and I promise to check out everything Nigerian food blog, to cook more variety. I cannot carry last when it comes to cooking Nigerian.
In no particular order, here are the best Nigerian food blogs to follow in 2016 and beyond, if you know others that are missing here, please nor vex, add in the comments section. We'll check them all out.

  1.     Nigerian food TV by Nky Lily Lete, a microbiologist, Nigerian food blogger and vlogger. Nky enjoys cooking for her family and friends. If you have ever heard of any Nigerian food but never seen it, go to Nky's Nigerian Food TV and you'll find it. Her images will make you want to lick your screen. 

My active kitchen by Ajoke. If you like Nigerian and Carribbean food, her blog is where to be. Ajoke loves to create and cooks with a passion. Would you like to see and taste ata rodo jam? then, check out My active kitchen.

3. South paw group food blog also called Iq food platter owned by Iquo Ukoh who is trained as a dietician and has worked as a dietetics, so she is very verse and trust me, she won't give s what will add calories. She knows how to make us eat healthy and lose weight. People like me who prefer natural whole foods and ingredients, there is a feature on that blog for us, just check it out.

Abak Atama Soup
4. Knorr cube has a food website that if you do not know, then I don't know what to say to you. Knorr cubes are found in every Nigerian kitchen I have ever entered. If we love knorr cubes that much, then we'll surely enjoy their recipes. Lovely pictures that can make you turn on the cooker at 3am. Check them out.

Yam porridge
5. owned by the beautiful  Sisi Jemimah herself. The recipes on her blog are just wow! Looking at the pictures alone is enough to make me hungry. See this yam porridge guys, can you beat that? Check out the food enthusiastist's food blog and cook your way into your hubby's heart. She also has lovely food pictures on her Instagram page.

6. Dobby's signature by Dobby Okonkwo, the beautiful graphic designer. She is not a professional chef but her recipes are fantastic. you will find Day to Day Nigerian recipes and pictures with some infusions from other parts of the Globe. The blog also features a lifestyle section known as Street foodie waka where the host “Dobby” explores meals outside the walls of her kitchen. This includes Foodie Adventures, Product reviews, Events, Restaurant reviews and a host of others. 

 10. Funke Oleosho's food blog.  Check out this Nigerian food blog for well categorized nigerian recipes: Plantain Food Ideas
Rice Recipes
Zobo Food Ideas
Yam Recipes
Food Profiles
Dessert Food Ideas
Finger Food Ideas
Bean Recipes
Nigerian Fruits
Kiddies Recipes
Salad Ideas
Snack Food Ideas. Visit the blog and see for yourself.

11. wives connection food blog is awesome with step by step cooking pictures and very easy to find ingredients. Aunty Eya, your simplicity and methods of cooking are so fast and I love the fact that you and other blog readers who posted there insist on not taking too long preparing one meal. I have personally tried many of those recipes and they never disappoint. I can't list best food blogs in Nigeria without mentioning wives connection food blog.

12. Foodiciary  is a lifestyle blog that serves its growing audience with reviews and recipes about African food and cuisine, including drinks and the best restaurants that provide them within the region.
The blog was launched in February 2013 by Racheal, a stay-at-home entrepreneur who quit her full-time banking job to build a blog business. Racheal spends 90% of her free time in the kitchen and loves baking things. Her hobbies also include trying new recipes and restaurants.
She runs The Foodiciary with her hubby, Loy, a food lover and together they both make up the team at The Foodiciary, where they share some of their home-made cooking, food and restaurant guides and travel experiences along with those of their friends and family.
13How to make Okro Soup
13. All Nigerian Foods owned by Chy Anegbu, here is what she has to say: Over the years I have thought of ways to share my cooking trick and tips with the rest of world. I started making Nigerian foods as far back as 1992, I still remember my first pot of soup.
Over the last 20 years I have learned a lot from my mother’s kitchen and have more than expanded the whole idea in my own kitchen, I just want to help you to make delicious Nigerian foods, you can always start with Nigerian jellof rice
I try to make this site as comprehensive and interesting as possible by using both detailed articles and videos to show you how to make delicious Nigerian foods. Most of the videos you find here were made in my own very kitchen (in the Nigerian Kitchen).


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    God bless you Eya, thanks a bunch. I'll check them all out.

    1. Dont I just love this blog list? Wonderful. Peter Oluoch,

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  5. Anty Eya. Mbok u number very one.

  6. Thank you, God bless you Eya. Checking them out ASAP.

  7. I left out a very good food blog that you guys need to follow. It hasn't been updated in a while sha but you'll like the old posts. .. Fruitful kitchen by Chidinma. Here is the link:

  8. Was an oversight o. As I remember more great food blogs, will continue to add their links.

  9. If you know any Nigerian food blog that deserves to be on the list but not there, please feel free to add, we want to explore all and every.

  10. Haha haha, @Brandybless, for where? who dash me number one? I think I've really improved compared to my beginning, if you see my first food posts on this blog eh, you'll laugh scatter to pieces.

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