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Saturday Medidation: You Are The Immigrant, Sniff Around First

Our inspirational thought today is for everyone. Those of us who started new projects, trying our hands on some new things, testing the waters in some new ventures or, you who just  ventured into a new business, are in a new environment; Blessed with new opportunities:
If a new world just opened up for you, always remember that you are the immigrant no matter how well you appear to fit in. And, more times than not, immigrants have a hard time migrating into new worlds without conflict. Your degree may prepare you to perform the task. Your experience and creativity might show you how to enhance the property, but, if your instincts don't tell what's around you, you are bound to be bitten.
Most newbies come in making too much noise to notice the eyes that stare behind the smiles that quickly fade. They enter into conversation when they should be nodding, smiling and listening. In new environments, you must learn to read the body language as well as the new words in the native

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Okra, Ugu, Ogbono Soup Recipe With Cooking Pictures To make this weekend

We have more than enough Nigerian soup recipes on the blog already, see more soup recipes  but, just to let us cook something a bit different this weekend, I added this delicious pot of Nigerian draw soup. Try it and you will come back for more. Trust me, there'll be left over if you are not firm on the
eaters. It didn't take long to cook as the frozen beef and snails thawed very fast under running water. Someone in my house does not eat carbohydrates for dinner but could not resist the aroma and look of this soup as he walk into the kitchen. He asked for it though begging me to make the eba very small so he doesn't gain back all the calories he managed to burn at the gym this evening. What is life without eating what we enjoy? There are people who only derive joy from eating good food, aside that, life is not so sweet, so, why treat food like it's poison. Never reject good food. Refusing food doesn't make us lose weight o, in fact experts say "eat everything but in small portions" Our bodies need every nutrient to be healthy and fit.. Soup and eba doesn't make you obesed if you eat the right portion, not when we pack one big bowl of garri with soup containing two pieces of beef, three pieces of snail, fish, 3 long kpomos etc, tell me why you nor go fat explode? Eat the right quantity, nor be say you eat till you belch like shrek the movie. Eat this soup and see how fresh you'll look.

Ingredients For This delicious Nigerian Soup
  1. 1 kg Beef
  2. salt to taste
  3. 1 medium sized onion
  4. 3 cups water to start with, if soup is thicker than you want, you can gradually add water in small quanties while soup cooks.
  5. 1/2 cup palm oil: This salad master pots do not need oil, I only add oil when I cook for the kids because they are still growing, when I cook for me and hubby alone, the food is colored with a little ground tatashe not oil.
  6. 1/2 cup ground ogbono
  7. 1 cup ground crayfish
  8. 2 cubes maggi crayfish 
  9. 1/2 cup Locust beans (dadawa) This is optional
  10. 4 cups chopped okra (okro)
  11. 1 small bunch ugu vegetables (Flutted pumpkin)
  12. A handful of uziza vegetable (Optional)
  13. 4 large Snails (Optional)
  14. 3 medium Smoked catfish
  15. 1 teaspoon ground fresh pepper. I used my pepper sauce   
  16. Hot Eba (Garri) for serving with the soup. Any fufu of choice
Check out More pepper soup recipes


  1. Boil the meat with salt, seasoning and onion. While meat boils,

12 Surprising Facts About Cheating Husbands And Wives

 If a man is unhappy with his wife, he'll cheat, right? Not necessarily.  Most cheaters are happy in their marriages and satisfied with their wives. They are not looking forward to ending the

Blackmailed Husband Dating Just Two Weeks After Wife's Death

    Teacher Denise Mary Robinson Winskill was accidentally killed when her husband, Jon Winskill,

25 Year Old Woman Used In Blood Ritual While Being Held Captive

Four people kidnapped a woman and held her captive for

Good morning Meditation: Your Strength Is In Your Uniqueness

If you lose your sense of who you are,  you have nothing to which you can return. If you don't discover your passion, purpose and power, then you will pursue the roles assigned by other people's scripts. You will lose the success afforded by new opportunities, if you don't know your own priorities and preferences.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Flashback To Blog Posts On This Day November 28, In 2014 (Throwback )

    I like it when people stop! Look back, flashback to what happened in the past, see what is happening now and try to figure out where to focus in the future, just like I enjoy looking at throwback pics, that's history there. Let's see what was posted on wives connection same day last year 2014. You might just find something interesting or useful. I pray to find recipes published on this day, one year ago, let's go there:
Well, October 28, 2014 was a Tuesday. For All the posts of that day, go here . I remember cooking the Easy pan grilled fish dinner above . Did you see that serendipity dinner by Omalicha?

Help Me Choose A Career please

Hello Aunty Eya and bloggers on wives connection. I'm Stephanie. I have been on Blogs, especially wives connection and Facebook for a while now.  While I'm literally obsessed here, it it's such a fun and entertaining place Lol the people that know me know I practically live here. LOL I decided I wanted to post for help with my career choice because I have none as of now.....besides silly  anonymous comments. (Just like telling you like the basic part of me)

Okay , I know There's a life outside of  blogs obviously and I've had like a lot of thoughts I guess to what I want to to be in the future. I just have no idea what to go to  University for. I know I have the "discipline" to go to school every day and do what it takes to pass the classes. I know I have that in me I just don't know what I want to major in or what I want to go in. I had it all going for me, my

Photos: Fat Dog Flies First Class With Owner

According to Daily Mail, An obese dog was wheeled on to an American Airlines flight and treated like a king first-class style this week, as onlookers stood by, amazed at the pampered pooch's size.
The dog, named Hank, then sat in the front row of first class on the LAX flight on Saturday, with his owner, Kari Whitman, an interior designer who founded Ace of Hearts Dog Rescue in Beverly Hills, California. 
Due to an illness, Hank, who is Whitman's support animal, has gained weight and can only move with the aid of his luxurious, pillow-topped cart. 
A very large dog named Hank was wheeled on to a an American Airlines flight on Saturday as onlookers admired his size
A very large dog named Hank was wheeled on to a an American Airlines flight on Saturday as onlookers admired his size.More photos 

No Feelings For My Wife Of 2 Years And I Cannot Force It

 Greetings Madam Eya, I  have been following your blog for years and I need advice concerning my arranged marriage.  I am after some opinions advice and hope brothers and sisters on wives connection blog can assist.
I have been married for a period of time 2 years.
It was an arranged marriage by my family and my wifes.rishta was done through family members and neighbors .
Before marriage, I met the girl only twice in the

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


A herbal practitioner, Morufu Ajah, on Tuesday admitted in an Igando Customary Court, Lagos, that he gave his wife Deborah money for abortion.

Ajah, 33, told the court that he gave his wife money to terminate the pregnancy because he was not sure if the pregnancy belonged to him.


When a mum of two met a hunky

10 Baby Items You Can Do Without If You Live In Nigeria PLUS The Essentials

Baby Shoes
First time pregnant moms are those who really need this post to enable them save a little something. A lot of women

Kris Jenner 'takes Scott Disick's children to visit him in rehab as Kourtney Kardashian's ex continues treatment'

 Kris Jenner reportedly took Scott Disick 's three children to visit him in rehab this weekend.

I Do Not Like My Abnormal Family

Good morning Aunty Eya, Discovered your blog in March 2014 and became addicted. A day doesn't pass by me not refreshing and feeling disappointed when you have not posted. Your blog and the way you let us know why posting

Monday, October 26, 2015

I Need A Rich Woman For Marriage

Please i need a good GODLY lady for marriage, am an idgo guy 36 years, hansom 5.11 fit, dark in completion, slim, and I need a lady of 30 to 40 rich because am not rich for now but I know I must be, my number is +2348064692365 or whatsapp, please she must


Never Text Your Husband You Want A Divorce, Please

Good morning madam Eya,  should I ignore my wife's text message and just move on like nothing happened or call her? I still love her and   I'm very confused now and certain things cannot work out any more because another man is involved. I need your sincere advice.
“It’s been rough. My wife and I had been together 20 years, married 16 this January though we have no kid yet. We were

My wife always tells me she doesn't believe in Love, I need your advice please

Hello Mrs Eya, I found your blog on Google search and have read so many stories with warm advice from you and other members of the community. I need your advice for my ailing marriage please. i am 30 and my wife is 24 now and we have been married for 2 years and we have a 10 months old son.we live in a country where sex before marriage is totally not accepted.
we met 4.5 years ago and started dating.like any other couples we flirted,we kissed and even some physical action.three months later while hanging out together, we got physical and i accidentally made her lose her

How To Start A Weekend Home Daycare In Nigeria, Make Quick Cash

First of all, let's talk about why you need a weekend daycare before looking at how to start one and make cool cash from desperate owambe mothers seeking where to drop kids off and enjoy Saturday events. The time to start opening weekend daycare centers in Nigeria is NOW, you know why? Life generally ha become very busy and stressful especially for single moms.

Last week Saturday , I needed to go gym for at least one hour and because O don't have anyone to leave my baby with, it didn't work out. Canceling the gym appointment made me feel bad that there's no where in this country where one can just drop their kids and run a few errands that might not need taking baby along.

The season of weddings and other events is here, after a

Salon Manager Freezes To Death In Cyrogenic Chamber

A salon manager in the US state of Nevada has frozen to death inside a cryogenic chamber, where the temperature plunges below minus 150 degrees.
Colleagues of the woman, Chelsea Ake, 24, found her body the next morning after she had spent at least 10 hours inside the chamber, according to local reports.
Rejuvenice, the woman's employer, is a clinic that uses "whole body

Cairns woman released from hospital after snake bite in her car

Debbie Ritchie, 46, thought it was her daughter's cat that

Breast Cancer, One Young Woman Dies Every Week

Anew report on the situation facing young women with breast cancer finds the disease kills one woman a week.
Breast cancer causes one death a week in women aged 20 to 39 years, a new report looking at the impact of the disease on young women says.
"These young women are at a life stage in which they are building careers, establishing relationships and planning for a family. Issues such as infertility, early menopause and body image as well as time away from work and family can have a substantial impact, with long term physical, psychological and social effects," the chief executive officer of Cancer Australia, Professor Helen Zorbas, said.
"Although the number of young women diagnosed with breast cancer has increased over time, the incidence rate has remained stable over the past three decades."
Breast cancer survivor Joanne Maillet with her husband Marcus and dog Elvis at home in South Yarra.
Breast cancer survivor Joanne Maillet with her husband Marcus and dog Elvis at home in South Yarra. Photo: Paul Jeffers

When Your Husband's Girlfriend Sends You A Picture Of Them Kissing

Sunday, October 25, 2015

2 Months Pregnant For My Son-In-Law, Eya Please Help

Madam Eya, I know you and your blog readers are going to frown and hate me for this but I don't know where else to run to. I went for confession and my pastor assured that God has forgiven I should go and sin no more. He made matters worse by saying they aborting the baby is worse than sleeping with my daughter's husband. I need someone to wake me, the nightmare is just taking too long. The way my daughter looks at me these past days is not helping.

I have searched all over the internet for this situation and I am yet to find anything that remotely correlates.  I lost my job in 2014 and moved in with my eldest daughter and her family.  I will admit right here and now that I have always had a crush on her husband and have secretly lusted after him.  I have been divorced for over 12 years and have had very few male companions in my life since then. I'm still very young and attractive, because of early marriage, I had my children quite early and I think youthful exuberance is the reason I could not keep my marriage. It always felt like I lost so much getting married that early and wasting precious years tending a man and raising babies .
When I moved in I took on a motherly type role in the household and catered to everyone's

Woman Walks In On Boyfriend Having Sex With Her Dog

A woman walked into her bedroom and caught her boyfriend cheating on her when she caught him having sex with her dog according to police.
The horrified unnamed woman was furious upon making the alleged discovery and kicked her partner Matthew Ziolkowski out of the house.

According to Action News, Police in Sharpsburg, near Pittsburg, are investigating the woman's claims after

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Reckless School Children Driver, You know His Employer?

 Another photo after the cut 

It's A Boy!

Congratulations Stephanie Okereke. God is faithful,he has done it again. This baby shall bring so much laughter and goodwill, his days shall be long, he'll excell in all good things. He shall affect this generation positively.  His gift will bring him before kings and not mere men.  His contemporaries will want to be like him.

No Intimacy With My Partner And I Don't Know What Might Be The Problem

Well, this is a more private post and it kinda makes me feel embarrassed,
I have been living with my bf for 4 months now, and the first two months were fantastic, especially in our sexual life..However, it has been two months since we can't have sex. I talked to him and at first he says it was because of tiredness, so I completely understood. Time keep passing by and it was the same..We tried two times but he "couldn't" do it, so I kinda got worried and he did too so again we tried again and it happened the same. We, and I honestly started to feel distant and I didn't want to even try.

 Later, we had arguments, not only about that our intimacy was getting in trouble but other things too, another reason he gave me why he didn't want to have ses. So now, it has been a lil bit more than 2

Friday, October 23, 2015

Should I Meet My Husband's Child After All His Lies?

Hi any advice would be much appreciated. I have been married 15 years and have had a great marriage. But for the last six month my husband has been very withdrawn and secretitive changing phone code and not leaving computer around. I was starting to think he was having an affair. But while we were in holiday I logged into his computer to see emails from a 24 year old it turns out to be


 My easy to use pressure cooker.
Pressure cookers have made the cooking of cow leg, cow tail and stockfish so much fun. So much time is saved unlike when we used to boil cow leg the previous day in preparation for cooking . With  a pressure cooker, you cannot check or taste to see if cooking is done. Before you

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Egg Moi Moi By Flo And Omalicha Is Our Recipe For This Weekend plus More

I  present  to us the nutritious egg moi moi  by Aunty  Flo of Allnigerianrecipes,  if you love food,  you love to look up Nigerian recipes online, then you know Flo.  This moi moi recipe was shared by Omalicha as a comment,  when Flo

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Tongue Out! All Of You? CAPITAL Fail

My esteemed well wishers, I now seriously suspect that the readers hitting on that post must be dear women. What's in your minds people? So, even at this age and five kids you guys still wish me well like that? Seriously? I usually do not go monitoring old posts cos that little time is needed to blog but, couldn't help scrolling down daily to look at this post and laugh. This is a post by a blog reader who needs some advice and help, because una don see me like baby making machine eh? Everyone keeps clicking and hitting on. So it's true that a post title is everything , choi! Me that has worn layers and layers and layers of 1234matozoa proof, because, na only me know where it pinches most. See how the blog has suffered up to the extent I resort to just posting any trending news to prevent refreshers getting angry and swearing over irregular updates.

Instead of you to join me in prayers for readers, women still waiting on God, you are here curiously clicking to see if Eya has done something again. In my mind, I'm like ... Amebo can sweet my blog readers o. All of you guys that clicked on the post RIGHT NOW I'M PREGNANT AGAIN, Eya is certain that the title gave you an amebo thought. Them swear for me? Please sisters, continue to wish me well but not in that area na. Wish me well by way of prayer that Oga at the top agrees with me to drop chairman at a daycare centre even if for just 4 hours daily, Abi na football team una want see for my haus?

With the number in my house now especially during holidays, enough for a KEEPING UP WITH THE AYAMBEM'S  reality show sef. The noise, the energy, the tears and loud screams and laughter and chasing one another in the name of food and water fights,Well, dearies, me o, I cannot go and come and kill myself.The liters of blood that have ended in labour rooms with this my five trips there,

Couple Who Waited 17 Years Deliver Baby 16 Weeks Early

So Sad: Couple Pregnant After 17 Years Of Trying Forced To Deliver 16 Weeks Early, Mom In Critical Condition.


You remember Viral Video Pregnancy Announcement Couple? Mom Delivers Baby 16 Weeks Early

Arkell and Dana Graves, the married Virigina couple whose pregnancy announcement video went viral after husband Arkell wept when he heard that they were finally expecting their first child after trying to

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Khloe Kardashian Breaks Up With Boyfriend James Harden As Lamar Recovers

  This is how Bossip reports it: Just yesterday we were commending James Harden for being supportive of Khloé’s bedside devotion to her soon to be ex hubby in his time of need. Now with Lamar discharged from the Vegas hospital that saved his life and heading to Los Angeles to continue his recovery, Khloe is reportedly ending her relationship with Harden according to TMZ reports.
A source told the website that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see she still has deep feelings for Lamar.
E! News reported that Khloé rode in the helicopter used to airlift Lamar to rehab in L.A. There are also

My Husband Thinks Faster Than I Do And This Infuriates Him

My husband thinks faster than I do and this infuriates him because whenever we plan something, he expects me to bring rapid response. If I fail to give him a response that

5 Simple Things That Make Every Woman Feel Beautiful

 Originally published on Unwritten by Victoria Giansante.
I'm a woman. Sometimes I feel beautiful, and sometimes I feel as if I often fall short of today's beauty standard. I know I speak for most women when I say we LOVE to feel beautiful...but how can we make that possible? There are some things that every

Domestic Violence? Controversy Trails Passing Of LUTH Consultant

      The Lagos state police command are working to unravel the circumstance surrounding the death of a consultant Paediatric Surgeon with the Lagos state University Teaching Hospital LUTH, Dr Hestianna Thomas. According to reports, the mother of 2, who was married to a Consultant Clinical

Police Say Father Deliberately Drove Car Into Lake Killing Family

    Police said that detectives believe a father deliberately drove his car into an Arizona lake, killing his estranged wife, three children and himself in what is being investigated as a murder-suicide.
Late on Monday, Tempe police said an investigation revealed that Glenn Edward Baxter, 27, took 'deliberate actions' when he drove the car carrying his family into Tempe Town Lake on Sunday.
Surveillance video obtained from a nearby condominium appears to show the father trying to determine how to enter the silver Nissan Armada into the lake before driving the SUV at high speeds and plunging it into the shallow reservoir, Lt. Mike Pooley said.
Police said that detectives believe Glenn Edward Baxter (pictured with his wife Danica Baxter), 27, deliberately drove a car carrying his family into an Arizona lake
The crash killed Glenn Baxter's estranged wife, (Danica Baxter pictured above), his three children and himself in what is being investigated as a 'murder-suicide'
Police said that detectives believe Glenn Edward Baxter (pictured left with his wife Danica Baxter), 27, deliberately drove a car carrying his family into an Arizona lake, killing his estranged wife, three children

Monday, October 19, 2015


Linda Ikeji

Linda Ikeji chopping life

 One question that has chased women who have attempted to get more back into the shadows of learned helplessness is the lie that you have to choose between the happiness of fulfillment and the happiness of being someone’s woman. That there are no other options, you can only eat your cake or eat your cake, you can’t cut your cake in half and have one now and the other later.
It is that fear that begets the question; “who will marry me when I pursue my own life and realize my potential?”. My answer is, it is likely someone who knows their power as well, someone who deserves you. And not just you as in female but you as you’ve come to know yourself to be- woman and powerful.

Woman gets buried ALIVE in Chinese village after dispute with government staff

  A government staff in Fengqiu, central China, allegedly attempted to bury a neighbour alive after an argument over the paving of a communal path.
The government staff, named as Zhao Xuejie, has now been suspended pending further investigation.
His victim, named as Sun Qiuying, was reportedly covered in soil for several minutes and fell unconscious, reported People's Daily Online. She was hospitalised and is said to be recovering.

According to reports, the incident took place on the afternoon of October 2.
Zhao Xuejie, a security guard at the local government office, allegedly drove a motorised tricycle filled with soil down a shared alleyway, which he intended to use for paving the walk path.
The vehicle was said to be requisitioned through his position at the local government
Zhao Xuejie's neighbour, Sun Qiuying, came to stop him and the two got into a heated argument.
Both are said to have land rights over the alley. 
Sun is thought to have decided to sit on the floor in protest.
In a fit of anger, Zhao Xuejie reportedly dumped all of the soil from his tricycle on top of Sun Qiuying, causing her to be buried.
The woman was buried under the soil for several